Thursday, August 8, 2013

...oops! Forgot.

My progress reports for the week.  I'm going back to Thursday meetings next week.  I'm hoping I can keep that day this fall, with working around a certain little Missy's dance schedule.

Yeah,  Saturday was bad.  Between the Yankee Candle Preview Party, siren test and the 8-cemetery camera test ...I was hardly home. And quite honestly - the Son of Baconator at Wendy's really wasn't all I thought it should be.   I kick myself for not noticing the ad for the Bacon Cheddar burger on a pretzel roll before I ordered.  If I was going to splurge, it should have been on something that made me say "WOW".

127% - BAM!

And for something that makes me happy.  We had gone over to my Mom's earlier this summer to help clean up the yard before my niece's grad party.  Spaced along the once fence in her yard are a bunch of rose bushes that had been Dad's pride & joy.  (Dad passed away 10/09).  As I was pulling weeds, I noticed was is most likely a sucker plant growing near the fence.  So I dug it up.  One branch was in the neighbor's yard and one sprout in Mom's!! So I brought it home and put it in a flower pot on the patio.  All the leaves dropped off, so I really thought I'd lost it.  It was just 2 sticks for a while. 
Look at it now!!

I just put it in my flower bed tonight.  It had a lovely set of roots on it!
I'm really hoping it is an offspring of the plant it was nearest to - a yellow rose with pink edges - the prettiest one Dad had!  if I ever move from this house - a cutting of this plant will go with me.

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