Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Hobo weekend

Happy Tuesday!  i am totally screwed up on my days already this week.  but I'll get to that.  Post #2

Friday after work, I went to sister Laurie's house for one of our Hobo Weekends.  I'm not sure how this name came to be, but it involves the females in our family.  It's usually coincides with some fence painting that always needs to be done at Laurie's house.  We went out to dinner, did some Chinese fire drills, went for an after-dark walk withe flashlights & the dogs and had some s'mores and adult beverages around the bonfire. it sounds perfectly ridiculous, but we have a lot of fun and usually have a nice visit with each other.
Random little tree that is changing colors already!

Our soon-to-be roommates.

Laurie & Linda by the fire.

there was a bunch of long weeds around the fire pit, 
but we still enjoyed it!

Around 2 am, Linda decided to retire to the house, but Laurie & I opted to sleep in the barn.  We put the air mattress down in the aisle between the stalls.  Kisses (the paint) was totally quiet all night.  Never heard a peep or movement from her.  Princess (the bay) made up for it.  She looked for and ate (loudly) every piece of hay in her stall, she pushed the door and made it rattle.  She scraped her teeth on the bars.  Captain wasn't horribly loud.  He paced some.  He rubbed his butt on the wall.  He ate his hay. He snorted all over me. And he stared.  Every time I rolled over - there he was. Even when he was lying down - he stared.  I'm sure he was wondering WHY we were lying on the floor outside his room. 

It was hard to sleep with eyes staring at you all night!
I could reach over & touch his nose from my sleeping bag. 

This was my view Saturday morning.

Linda had to leave Saturday, but the girls & I helped Laurie paint her arena fence. 
Ready to paint!
We all have designated paint clothes to wear at Laurie's house. 

For some reason, I am the only one who got any sun at all! 
And I got A LOT!

Squeee!  LOOK!  I have hollows in my cheeks!  I can't tell you how long it has been since my face has been thin enough to see those!

Anyway....the next post will cover the rest of the weekend!

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