Wednesday, August 7, 2013

65 lbs !!!!!


I finally hit the 65 lb mark tonight!  I'm at my all time lowest weight since probably before Miss Angela was born.

To celebrate this victory...
a really bad iPhone pic!

I really like this skirt - I found it at WalMart - the last one in that color.  I almost left it on the rack, since it is a size large.  I never thought it would fit.  I had a couple other things to try on, so I grabbed it for the hell of it. Obviously - it fits nicely!  I love how its a little longer in the back.  It feels really neat swishing on the backs of my legs when I walk.

I also have cheekbones!  A coworker noticed it.  I appreciate this lady, since we will go out & walk around the yard.  We figured out that 4 laps around is 1.5 miles (according to MapMyWalk) and today we did it in 22 minutes.  We didn't feel like we were walking faster, but we were, since on 7/12 we did it in 30 minutes.

I am so happy!

But I have a dilemma.  I want to be in Onderland by my birthday which is 8/29.  But we're going to be on vacation that & I most likely won't be making it to a meeting, wherever we are!  So I won't know!!  Ugh!

OK, the topic at the meeting tonight was about getting a good nights' sleep.  I think it's time to go do so!

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