Sunday, August 18, 2013

Weekend Update

Happy Sunday!  Apparently everyone is sleeping late today!  I looked at the clock (after waking up earlier due to an orange cat hogging my pillow - his butt was on my shoulder & his back against my ear!) at 10 and got up right away.  I heard Randy move around 10:45 and say "oh shit" so he must have looked at the clock, too!  Miss Angela's up moving around so I had to do the "Happy Good Morning" dance for her!  

I didn't get to go weigh in Thursday like I wanted, I ended up going Saturday.  
Tracking sucked badly.  But I still had a 2 lbs loss!  
This means 2.6 lbs to lose in the next 2 weeks so I can be in Onederland!!

Last night we went to a party to celebrate a former co-worker of Randy's elopemnet!  Both Brian and his lovely bride Karen have family from all over (she's from Trinidad) so there's was a big mix of people.  And of course some real Caribbean food. Mmmm!  I've heard of jerked chicken but have never had it. I guess if you're going to try something new, it's best by someone who really knows how to make the real thing!   I'm glad they toned it down a little bit because it was spicy!  Karen't brother told me that they normally make it with a lot more kick!  Everyone was really friendly, the kids were well behaved.  And for not knowing anyone other than Randy, and Brian I'd met briefly before - it was fun.  

Activity was pretty awesome this past week!
I was expecting a lot more than 12 APs from Cedar Point on Monday. 

This is the reason I didn't make it my Thursday meeting.  
I pulled this out of my front tire and it deflated like a balloon!

Friday after work I went to HomeGoods to look at their Halloween goodies and this caught my attention while waiting for a register. 
 Hmmm.  Interesting!

 4 PPs per serving / 4 servings per bag. 

 And odd pinkish color, but makes sense because it IS pomegranate! 

They're pretty good.  I picked up more of the sweetish pom flavor where Randy tasted more of the white cheddar.  They were good, but I don't think it's something I would crave and go out specifically looking for it. 

btw - this is what I really went to HomeGoods for!    

It sounds like everyone is awake & moving, so we are going to head out to breakfast - have a great day!!

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