Friday, July 5, 2013

Happy (day after) 4th of July!

Hope you all had a lovely 4th!!  We got up early & went over to my Mom's house to watch the parade with her.  This included both sisters, one brother (I was surprised to see him!), a niece, a nephew & a niece-to-be.  

The hubby was helping at staging and I was the only ham (amateur radio operator) on the parade route - within 1/4 mile of the start.  Completely pointless. The important info I heard on the radio was "the giant psychedelic worm is leaving staging" and "Politician So-N-So is carrying dog treats".

Honestly, this was the lamest parade I think Clawson has ever put on.  As usual, the firetrucks & police cars at the beginning were the best part.  And seeing Randy bringing up the rear.  He was following the final police car, which was supposed to mean the road was open for traffic, but the cop was throwing candy out his windows!  So Randy followed him on the right lane lane so no one came driving up and ran over any kids grabbing candy. 

 The Psychedelic Worm and Miss Angela with her 5 foot stuffed Uncle Sam who she was making wave at people.  I'm sure lots of people were laughing at her! 

 We almost missed the "flyover" since these gliders sounded like someone's lawn-mover a block away. 

 Jack & Morgan patiently waiting for treats.

And I'm not sure what the heck the point of this was.  
There was a pipe sticking up out of the truck, shooting flames.  WHY????

After the parade, we went over to a cousin's house to sign a congrats banner for another cousin who just got his masters degree and is also retiring from the Navy.   Then we went over to the guy's house who "coordinated" us hams (insert snort & eye-roll here) for burgers & such.  The best part of that is his neighbor has a soft-serve ice cream machine that he runs all day on the 4th - and doesn't care who comes over to get some!  Oh, and Gerald's overgrown puppy.  He had some odd name that I don't remember, but he's a pit bull / dalmatian!!  He has the build of the pit bull, but coloring of a dalmatian.  Very pretty!  He apparently claimed me for himself, since he would lay down and put his paw on my foot, or he'd lay on my feet and Heaven forbid I made eye-contact with him across the table - nobody better be in his way getting over to me!  He must have liked how I rubbed his ears & jowls & yes - I baby talked to him.  And fed him bits from my plate.

After that, since I think Gerald is afraid of females and I intimidate him - we went back over to Mom's house for more food (ugh!) and to go swimming and to visit.  Then we went home & crashed.  We didn't even have dinner!  

my obnoxiously pink rose

I had to work today, but I managed a half day before I mutinied and left.  I am still irked that Geri & I - who live in the dispatch area, instead of the front part of the building with everyone else - always get forgotten when it comes to being let go early.  Even our boss left early Wednesday.  I can see dispatch having to be there, since trucks were still on the road - but we didn't need to be!!  

OK, off that tangent.  I left at 11:30 because there happened to be a 12:15 WW meeting today!  And wouldn't you know that the girl who weighed me in happened to be the leader.  So she saw my stats and how long I've been going there - and kept looking at me when she asked questions to the group!  Nope, I'm giving everyone else a chance to put their 2 cents in!  I did answer a few, since it just seemed like I should. 

Anyhoooo, I was down 3.2 lbs !!  After eating 3+ hot dogs, beans, chips & brownies and of course the bacon/egg/lettuce/tomato bagel and donut from Tim Horton's yesterday!!  And I totally didn't drink enough water, since I still feel slightly dehydrated. 

Now that I'm done rambling on and it's time for bed!  Have a great night!

Ooops, can't forget progress reports!  btw - I didn't track at all yesterday. 

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