Monday, July 1, 2013

June 13 in 13 Round Up

Happy First Day of the Second Half of the Year!

before I forget - Red, white & blueberry trifle - you're welcome!  I will be making this for the 4th of July, as usual.

So how is your year going so far?

Since January, I've lost a whole 11.2 lbs and that doesn't count January & February when I had gains.  Slow, but progress.

I haven't taken measurements since 4/24 so here's how that's going.
thighs  25 / 24.5 = -.5
hips     47.75 / 47 = -.75
arms    12.5 / 12.5 = 0
waist    42 / 41.5 = -.5
bust     46 / 46 = 0
 so again - progress!

Onto my 13 goals.....
1. rededicate myself to WW - meh.   I missed 2 weigh-ins this month.  I'm going up update this goal as to attend a meeting every week.  It's going to be tough, since I'm staying late at work every night due to going in late after dropping the kid off at summer school and then having to go pick her up in the middle of the day.  But it may also work in my favor since I won't be going home for 1 1/2 hours before the meeting.  We shall see! 

2. post eTools progress report weekly - here is my monthly progress report.  I've really slacked this month with my tracking .  ~hanging head in shame~

3. earn at least 15 WW activity points weekly - this I'm doing well with.  The fewest weekly APs I've gotten last month was 32, so I'll update this to 35. I'm pleased with my activity - I'm at 98% for the month on Activelink's challenge!  

4. use my waist & arm / thigh trimmers while doing DVDs or Wii Fit - Zero!  I'm going to change this since the DVDs / Wii Fit ain't happening.  My little Mii guy is probably dead, its been so long since I turned it on. 

5. plan meals weekly - check!  Why make grocery shopping any more annoying than it already is?

6. eat more / new veggies every week - changing this to add fruits since so many are in season. I've been addicted to watermelon since I had a watermelon margarita at dinner Saturday night.  


7. be a better blogger - nope.  I think I need to find some blog hops to join for each one.  So I am guaranteed of at least 1 post a week! 

8. spend at least 15 minutes per day straightening up my house - I had a marathon cleaning session before the Donor (aka Angela's dad) came over last weekend.  Looks pretty good, still!

9. make time for ME!! hmm.  I guess I have been.  I seem to go straight to my room when I get home from work and spend some time just messing around on FB or Pinterest on my phone.  

10. find plans & designs for holiday displays (tomato cage trees / MGC fence / potion book) - this I can finally say I've made some progress with the fence plan.  I measured from the corner of the house, to giant maple tree #1, over to giant maple tree #2 and then decided I'll take it to the driveway, but make it look like the fence has fallen for that stretch.  I wasn't sure how to do the last side, but this works!  Now I have to decide what materials to use......

11. work on RACES certification - hasn't happened, but I'm leaving it on. 


13. wean myself off pop - nope.
The June Challenge was to find something to be grateful for each day.  It was actually pretty easy, since I regularly count my blessings.  

6/1. for my body to be able to get out & mow the lawn & clean up the yard.

6/2. to see my niece graduate from high school.

6/3. for my car to get me to and from work

6/4. for my job & paycheck

6/5. for a house to keep us warm & dry

6/6. for my furry critters to love on & snuggle with & to laugh at

6/7. for sunshine & flowers

6/8. for spending time watching cheesy/cute zombie movies with the girl (Warm Bodies)

6/9. to be able to help get my mom’s yard ready for niece’s grad party

6/10. for a flexible job where I can leave when I need to and make up the time later.

6/11. for a dog who is thrilled to go on walks with me.

6/12. for snuggles with the hubby

6/13. to see my daughter’s joy in the last day of 10th grade

6/14. for birds & critters to visit my feeder

6/15. for shopping excursions for nothing in particular

6/16. Happy Father’s Day! I’m grateful for Randy who willingly took on a ready-made family when he found me. This included 4 year old Miss Angela and my cat, Skeeter.

6/17. for the $ necessary to sign the girl up for summer dance classes.

6/18. for the $ necessary to sign the girl up for summer school (for failing US History) Grr.

6/19. for air conditioning

6/20. for a car that can fit a garment rack, 9 costumes, a duffel bag and a BFF for dress rehearsal

6/21. to see my daughter’s joy in dancing at her recital.

6/22. for my wonderful hubby to be a man who can be civil to my ex and a wonderful father to my daughter.

6/23. (don’t laugh) for my ex, for helping me to create a beautiful daughter.

6/24. for waterparks for fun days with the family

6/25. for a reliable car so I can shuttle the girl to and from summer school.

6/26. for fireworks!

6/27. for lotion to put on itchy peeling skin (from the sunburn at the waterpark)

6/28. for being able to laugh and have fun at the grocery store (with the family, obviously!)

6/29. for lovely cool(ish) mornings to go for walks in.

6/30. for Rebecca for coming up with this challenge!!

The challenge for July is to love myself. OK!

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