Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A change is lurking.....

I'm copying & pasting this from one of my other blogs, Random Ramblings so if it looks somewhat familiar, that's why! I'm all about change right now!


(these are my "thinking cats" Maddie & Chester)

I've been seriously thinking about changing the name of my blog. 

I haven't really been happy with this name for quite some time. I don't feel that it actually fits me anymore. 

I need something that is unique. 

I don't have a new name in mind yet, but I have researched with Blogger & Bloglovin' that since my URL is staying that name, it won't affect my followers any. 

My Blogiversary is July 25, so that will be date of the change! 
I only have a couple days to come up with something new & improved, just like I'm working on being! 

But I'll get 'er done.

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