Thursday, July 18, 2013

checking in

I'm really pleased with my numbers all over.  I'll take that .4 lb loss, I was actually surprised to have those 2+ lb losses the last 4 weeks anyway.  Happy, but shocked.   And I'm loving the 44 APs !!!  I did many hours worth of painting at the girl's dance studio this past week and we're going back again Saturday to see what else needs to be done. btw - Saturday night - I was accused of twerking.  So you don't Google it and see something scary - Urban Dictionary describes it as "to work one's body, as in dancing, especially the rear end."  But I have to say - the studio owners elderly-ish mother was shaking it a LOT more than I was!  But you should have seen the look on Angel's face when she heard that!  Priceless.    

I am rather proud of myself - today is the hubby's birthday and he chose to go to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. Luckily, we had to wait to get the rolls (my downfall), and then they came after the appetizer did, so I only had one roll !!!  But the bacon cheesy fries with ranch negated that.  But my food was a grilled steak & shrimp and steamed veggies.  Yummy.  And then as he put it, wanted to go "pop some tags", and caused a loud groan from Angel.  He wanted to go walk around the Salvation Army Thrift Shop!  And the Dollar Castle.  And Radio Shack.  But it's his day and that's what he wanted to do.  I spent a total of $2 at the Castle for some glue & letter stickers for a project.   But it was some walking to help settle all that food!

Anyhoooooo, I'm going to go throw together my breakfast & lunch for tomorrow.  I tried cold steel cut oats for the first time this morning & it was pretty interesting.  It needs some tweaking & adjusting but I will definitely have them again.

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