Sunday, December 4, 2011

Family portraits

I picked up our annual family portraits Friday night!  We go to the portrait studio at WalMart every year. Normally we have a lot of fun and the photographer has a riot with us.  This year, I think the girl was new and/or had no idea what she was doing!   She had trouble positioning the camera & did a lot of shots from way above - which looked really awkward.  And she had a LOT of trouble centering us.  And she had trouble editing because we weren't centered well and you can see the back drop in some of them!

But I guess overall they're OK.  We got decent ones to give to the Mom's & also to hang in our living room.
 Not too bad.  That is Randy's "posed" smile - he really wasn't constipated!

 The photog didn't know what to think of us when we did this!  

 I hate my profile.  It didn't help that I was pressing my lips together tightly, to make the face!

 Then she was more concerned with keeping Angel's elbow in the pic, instead of the top of Randy's head!
He hated this - she kept telling him to look up and his body just didn't twist that way!


 Nauseating.  She always looks good!

 This is what happens when someone with a camera doesn't know how they want Angel to pose.

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