Saturday, December 10, 2011

Happy Weekend!

Now that I finally get a weekend, that is!  Today was the Utica JV dance team's first competition. 

First of all - last night was dress rehearsal, so the coach made it a Friends & Family event so the girls went over each dance like 3 times & there were snacks during their costume changes.

 LOL!  Mid-leap!

 Their jazz routine was to Jason Aldean's "She's Country"

 I didn't get any action shots of the pom routine. 

So anyway - we got to Brighton HS (an hour away!) and only had one near-death experience on the expressway.  For reals!  An asshole in a van cut me off on a 2-lane exit ramp and I was already up to highway speeds & he wasn't.  I had to lay on the horn, lock up the brakes & my car started to slide and he DID NOT get back into his own lane!!!  He proceeded to drive well under posted speeds - while straddling both lanes.  And I couldn't get merge into highway because of oncoming traffic!  Once I got over the shit being scared out of me, I was pissed!  I would LOVE to have an air horn on my car.  I really would. 

But anyway - there was a total of 44 dances.  The first half were all solos / duos / trios from various middle school / JV / varsity teams.  Then there were several hip hop & kick line routines (man- those are fun to watch!!)  and then there were open dance and then pom.  We didn't know until awards that our girls were competing against all the other varsity & JV teams.  Both the Brighton & Pinckney teams were really good.   But for pom - they just competed against the other JV.  Odd.  But they got 3rd place in both categories, so we were very proud!!!

I didn't get pics of any other teams, but one of the criteria they said the judges look for is originality.  The Livonia Pom team (which has like 35+ girls!!) came out dressed like elves & danced to Christmas songs.  Our girls were dressed like country girls.  Another team were dressed like old-time airline stewardesses.  The others just kind of blended in.  

Oh man.  I'm wiped out & I'm still uploading the video I took today onto YouTube, so those will have to be another post.  Later!

At the restaurant after dress rehearsal. 
She was being egged on by her aunts.

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