Friday, December 9, 2011

WI & waxing poetical.

Just as I suspected - weigh in sucked last night.  I was up a good 3 lbs.  I guess that's not as bad as it could have been - seeing as how I have a serious case of the Hum-Bugs  Either that or my give-a-damn is truly busted.

So yeah - I've been crabby.  Allow me to vent for a moment.  We have entirely too much stuff for how small our house is.  There's no place to put anything away, so clutter is EVERYWHERE!  I get no help from anyone.  I cannot believe that I am the only person to generate dirty dishes / dirty clothes / trash.  However, unless I load the dishwasher / load the washer & dryer / take out the trash - it won't get done.   My greatest hope would be for someone else to take it upon themselves to fold clothes!  I would swoon!!  And then maybe we could actually SIT upon the loveseat!  Right now it's heaped full.   Maggie the cat likes it, but she's the only one.

Let's start with Miss Princess Angela.  I love her dearly, but I really don't know why she's such a damn freakin' airhead.  I could go on all day about the stupid stuff she does.  I asked her one day to get all the trash out of her room.  Seems fairly simple.  However, I mistakenly assumed that she would know that meant both the floor and her trash can and didn't specify both areas.  So her can is - still - overflowing.  I asked her yesterday to unload the dishwasher & scoop the litter boxes.  5 minutes. 10 if she was very thorough. Not too tough a chore - but she acted like I wanted her to scrub the entire house with her toothbrush or something.  Speaking of toothbrush - I don't think I should have to tell a 14 year old to get in the shower after she's been to 3 or so hours of dance classes.  Or brush her teeth every day  (I know she goes to school with dragon breath because I leave before her in the morning) or wash her face.  Or feed the cats.  She makes me crazy.  Oooh and her schoolwork.  TURN IN HOMEWORK!!!!  That is not a surprise that you should have to do such a thing.  It's only been happening daily since what? Kindergarten???

And I understand that Randy has a lot of stress at work, dealing with company assholes, deadlines & such.  But he's still perfectly capable of helping me out some.  He comes home, changes clothes & either vegs on the bed or gets on the computer until dinner is ready.  Then he's right back to it.  I know his philosophy is that sometimes the best way to help is just to stay out of the way.  But if I'm doing something in the kitchen - there's that pile of laundry in the living room!  And a really nice TV! 

Then, let's throw 3 critters underfoot.  And I mean totally in the way - underfoot.

I'm totally not in the Christmas Spirit.  I barely have the tree decorated.  And boxes are still everywhere. And I sure as hell don't want to deal with cards! 

I have to waste my entire day tomorrow taking Angel to competition with the school dance team.  Drive for a good hour.  Sit on hard aluminum bleachers for 6 or 7 hours.  Drive home for another hour.  Yay.  Someone kill me now!
OK.  I'm done.  Now I must speak about 2 things that really make me happy right now.  I will warn you - this may sound odd.

A).  I really like my chair at work.  I'm not even sure where this chair came from - it's not new.  But it was at my desk when I came in Monday morning and it's just Aaaaaah!  I think about how it hugs me so nicely when I lean back in it.  I'm afraid if someone tries to take it from me - they will get hurt.  My flat, squeaky old chair is against the wall behind me - and it can stay there!

B).  Maple Sausage Pancake Rollers from 7-Eleven.  OMG.  Talk about convenience store heaven!!!   I want to hug the person who thought this up.   The sausage is slightly smaller than a regular hot dog.  Not greasy in the slightest and good meaty texture.  And it's wrapped in a not-too-thick & not-too-thin blanket of pancakey goodness.  I don't know if the sausage or the pancake itself has the maple flavor, but it was a perfect balance of flavors exploding in my mouth.  I had stopped on my way into work and almost had to pull off the road.  One or more moans may have come from me.  Glad I was alone & it was still dark out!  

I looked up the stats on it and at 8 P+, it wasn't as bad as I expected.  But also not good by any stretch of the imagination, either.  I'm glad I controlled myself and only gotten one to try.  But it was SO good and for only $1....I could have easily stuffed myself with 2 or 3.

Now I need to convince myself that they do not exist at the store that is located at the corner near my house and also just down the road from my work!

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