Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

And Thank the Lord it is over!!!  I really had a hard time getting into the Christmas Spirit this year.  It's only been within the last week or so that I found it!

So anyway - last night we went out to Laurie's for "dinner".  I put it in quotes because it was all snacky stuff....white chicken chili, chicken noodle soup, brownies, cream puffs, shrimp cocktail, veggie pizza - you get the point.  Then we exchanged gifts, altho I really thought we weren't going to.  I took a little something out for Mom / Laurie / Linda / Lisa.  Mom was bummed at a dance fundraiser we all went to that I won this glass block planter with bamboo in it and she didn't - so I made one for each of them. Not for Lisa - she got a gift card.

This is what I won.  The ones I made were slightly smaller.  Between a 50% off sale at Hobby Lobby & the dollar store, I made each of theirs for a total of $9 each!  And they went nuts over them!
 Linda got me the groovy Ken ornament - so he's hanging out with the girls on our tree!

Jack patiently waiting to open presents.

 Maggie needs some munchies after getting her catnip toy!

 Chester with his 'nip.

Today was pretty nice - I enjoyed not having to rush thru opening presents to go over Mom's house to sit there all day.  We met them out in Frankenmuth this evening for dinner (an hour away) so we had most of the day to just hang out & play with our new stuff!  Randy got me an adorable little laptop.  I just wanted a basic one where I could get online & blog & stuff if he was on the desktop.  It's so tiny & cute!  His mom sent us all gift cards - Wal-Mart for Angel & Randy and Michael's for me!  Woohoo!!  Angel got her black sparkly Uggs & Michigan State pillow pet & all sorts of stuff to make her happy - including a huge pair of granny panties as a joke.

I'm still stuffed from dinner at Zehnder's.  They're known around here for their chicken dinners.  Ooof.  This is one of the few days of the year that Bronner's is closed (a crazy HUGE Christmas store) but the parking lot is always decked out in Nativity scenes & anything else you can think of by way of decorations.  So we drove around there looking at lights before we came home.  Of course Angel & I had to get out to play!
 Well, we almost got a decent pic!

 One of these is not like the others!

 Turning on the huge bulb.

 Changing the huge bulb!

 Trying to sleigh-jack Santa!

 I can't imagine this candy cane tasted  very good. 


And wouldn't you know that I was a huge dork and didn't request off any time over the holidays, so I still have to work tomorrow.  That's OK.  I'm pretty sure there's going to be a lot of goofing off this week, since most of the "higher-ups" are gone til after New Year's and a lot of the plants are down so there won't be many trucks running.  I'll have paperwork trickling in, but later in the week there won't be crap. 

I"m glad Randy is at home tomorrow since we have another cat with issues.  Poor little Maggie is constipated!  A bit of TMI, but she had a hard poo hanging out of her booty tonight, so I (the things I do for my family!!!) put a baggie over my hand and massaged the area with olive oil and helped get some of it out, but it's still obviously stopped up.  So she's locked up in the bathroom for the night with a litter box, her food with more oil mixed in and a big bowl of fresh water.  For some reason they always drink more water when it's in a different bowl and in a different place.   Keeping fingers crossed!

edit:  The book we found that suggestion in was correct!  Maggie was finally able to go - and she seems fine.  I haven't seen her since I left for work this morning, but Randy said she was in snoozing with Angel in her bed.  Whew!

Anyway - since I do have to get up with the alarm way too early tomorrow, I should sign off.   Later!

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