Monday, December 19, 2011

Cookie weekend

The weekend started out slightly catastrophic....Friday my car seriously thought about dying on me.  My service engine light came on half-way to work and it was running rather sluggishly.  Same with after work, but it got me to my first stop in the list of errands.  Then as I was going to my second stop, the car was rapidly losing power.  Then once I stopped at a light, I could barely get it out of the intersection.  I pulled over & called Randy.  He checked my position on APRS (a ham radio geek thing - but useful in this case!) and told me to make sure I was in a safe area.  So I pulled into a parking lot.  And I just happened to be within sight of my next stop, so I walked over while waiting for Randy to get there. By the time I got back to the car, he had moved it under a light and was working on it.

We'd both forgotten that a couple years ago, there was a crack in a hose and he fixed it with electrical tape.  The tape finally went.  The guys in the shop at Pep Boys had no idea what that part was & we feared it was part of the emissions system = dealer part = big $$$!  But luckily it was only a $12 part and easily fixed.  Whew!!!

Saturday I felt the need to go to Garden Ridge. This guy felt the need to come home with me.  He's going to ride around for another couple days until I get this LED light show tree that I've been looking for since last year - and finally found!  They're both going to be in the yard before Christmas.  So it'll only be for a couple days - it still makes me happy!!!

Anyway, I plan to go back to Garden Ridge the day after Christmas and grab a few more toy soldiers to create a battalion in the front yard.  They had a big selection, I hope they still do!

Then I played elf and wrapped all the Christmas presents that we had at the time.  Somehow, wrapping your own present isn't fun!  Randy is such a guy.  But I was good & didn't peek.

Sunday was a fun day with the family.  We went out to Laurie's and made what seemed like thousands of cookies.  When you make so many you get bored decorating them - you've made too many!

Laurie & Angel hard at work.

Some of our cookies were labelled "demented". 
 I don't understand why. I think he looks happy!

I believe this one says "Oo my eye".

I'm sure there was a story behind this, too.
That's a Hershey's Kiss on its face.

Angel's Happy Rainbow Gingerbread house. 
Made for the boy she stalks up north, Ben.

It was going to be Ben & Clayton but she realized that would be sort of wrong.

Lisa's house, prior to her biting an arm off a gingerbread man, lying him at the front door and sprinkling liberally with red sugar.  She also made a yellow police line to rope off the scene.

Random kitchen tap dancing.

Lisa looking at her pics.

Morgan wearing my antlers.

Charly watching the action.

My Tim Horton's ornament tree!

I found this at the antique store while waiting for Randy to get there to fix my car.
It's a 1973 teal crystal Jim Beam decanter.
The "I Dream of Jeannie" bottle was modeled after this!

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