Thursday, March 30, 2017

Weigh in & dance stuff

Titles are hard, yo.
Anyhoo.  I may not post about my weigh-ins each week, but I do keep my WIP tab updated regularly.   I had a 0.3 lb loss this week.  I was kinda bummed because I felt so good, but I have to accept that it WAS a loss.

Besides finding the meetings helpful, I also happily go in order to earn the bling!
I'll be getting another charm next week.  Can't wait!  
(the pearl girl now hangs on my purse, she's not WW-related)

I'm determined to get to the gym at least 3 times this week.  I made it twice last week, and the day I planned on going, I ended up shopping with my sister for a LOT more hours than I planned on being gone.  But at least I was moving and not sitting on my butt.

I need to make up in advance for Saturday - it's Miss Angela's next dance competition. Usually that means a whole day of available grazing-type foods.  It probably won't be as bad this weekend, since it's just most of the solos (12 dances) going instead of the entire team, which would mean a shit-ton of food sitting there being tempting.  

This will be a "short" day Saturday - competition starts at 9:30 am and final awards are around 6pm.  We have to be there by 8:30 since - for the first time - Angel is the first routine of our studio!  #12 of the day.  I'd never seen her freak out about a comp before, but she did this time!  In every other comp they've gone to, the little girls go first and the seniors last.  It's backwards this time.  She's going to make sure get gets out there and tries out the stage before it all starts.  It's good to know if its sticky or slippery before going out there when it counts!  

This is a different comp that we've never been to before - it's actually a talent competition.  
So there's also singing and acting routines.  

Thankfully those categories have the same time limits as the dancers do, so we won't have to endure agonizing 30 minute drama skits, etc. And there are only 2 other dance studios attending, and after a wee bit of stalking, they both seem to concentrate mostly on musical theater with dance almost as an afterthought.  
This should be interesting!  
Feel free to send good mojo for TeamDOS! 

One of the mom's is taking her camera and will be getting pics of all the girls, so those should be emailed to me hopefully pretty quickly.  

This Saturday is the first A-Z blogging challenge post!  I'm still planning on keeping on with regular posts, since I already have ALL my A-Z posts done & pre-scheduled.  
I feel like I have my crap together this year!  


  1. A to Z, all done???? You're amazing. I'd better get busy!

    1. This is the first time EVER! Too many times in the past there was that ~one~ post that I forgot to finish before it went live and didn't catch until several hours later - DOH! And of course 15 people saw it and probably thought I was a dork. :D

  2. Good luck in the competition. I am not quite as together as you in regard to the A to Z but at least I know what I'm writing about, even if it's not all written!

    Me in March


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