Sunday, March 5, 2017

Monster Jam Ford Field

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Saturday night was our yearly trip to Detroit to see the Monster trucks!  
Renaissance Center & People Mover track  

Quick rant - I should have known it was a bad idea to agree with Randy wanting to leave at 5pm to get there at 7pm!  First, Angel & may-as-well-be-my-kid Brittany had to dink around at the mall.  Then Angel had boyfriend drama and didn't even start to get ready until 5.  Then Randy chose to actually stop and get some food.  So we didn't even seriously get on the road until after 6.  There's a good 35-45 minute drive on a good day (meaning light traffic) into Detroit.  Then add in all the sold out Monster Jam traffic, plus a Michael Jackson tribute and all of the other usual Downtown Saturday night goings-on...there was no hope of finding any parking anywhere.  Me & the girls ended up jumping out of the car and Randy never did make it into Ford Field.  He just drove around and then sat at Wayne State University until I texted him we were coming out.  This is the second time this has happened.  We all know we need to leave a lot earlier in order to get a place to park that's not 100 miles away.  

Moving on. 
Since it was over halfway thru the racing when we finally got to our seats, I'm not sure what we missed.  I heard mention of a wheelie competition, but whatever it was, some of the trucks were pretty beat up before freestyle started!

Slinger - used to be Gun Slinger, not sure why they changed the name. it still has the same cowboy on the side. 

Hooked - he was getting some big air in the jumps

Joey Strong 
(or something like that - it has to be a locally sponsored truck because it's not on or in the souvenir program)

Grave Digger
Surprised to see him freestyle so early in the pack - he's usually one of the last ones to go.  You know, saving the best for last type of thing.  He had an awesome run and won the freestyle.

Stone Crusher

Gas Monkey Garage

Fluffy - I was excited to see this one, he's sponsored by comedian Gabriel Iglesias, who I really like. But was mildly disappointed when I finally did.  He appeared to be running in slow motion.  I was surprised to see him try to flip (see the smashed front end?) because he sure wasn't going very fast! This was about the best air he got, too. 

El Toro Loco - hit the ramp with one front tire so he spiraled out into the arena - very cool!  He was getting some serious air.  He rolled during the racing and lost one horn, lost the other when he crashed at the end of freestyle. It was funny to watch the driver carry the horn almost as big as him across the arena to the pits. 

War Wizard -  his whole back end was gone.

Scooby Doo.  Lost his nose during freestyle!  

Saigon Shaker - first time I'd seen this one.  Pretty cool. 

Avenger - the driver is a local guy so it's always fun to see Avenger.  And the truck had been a '57 Chevy for a couple years so I almost didn't recognize it, even tho we walked by the 'Team Scream' semi out back that they haul it in. 

Lucas Oil Crusader - did a kick-ass flip!   (you can see Scooby Doo back there where he flipped, then bounced on the back tires and landed half in the shipping container)

Max D. - was very disappointed in his freestyle run and I'm sure the driver was even more so.  He jumped one dirt pile, bounced badly and cartwheeled onto his roof.  Done in less than 20 seconds. Max D usually gives a really good show. 

So note to self... for 2018... #1. buy tickets as soon as they are released.  We had good seats but they could have been better.  I prefer to be on the "home" side of Ford Field, but the entire second & third bowls on that side, along with the suites were all covered, so some remodeling must be going on. And #2. make sure to arrive early!  The ideal lot is directly across the street from Ford Field and as soon as you come out, you're practically on the ramp to northbound I-75.  

I can't believe we didn't get any family selfies this year, we always do!  Oh well. 
Do anything fun this weekend?



  1. My fun weekend was relaxing at the house while it drizzled off and on. :) We did the monster truck thing back in the day. Grave Digger was out there 20 years ago! I'd never go NOW without earplugs.
    Barbara from Life & Faith in Caneyhead

    1. It's amazing how many people are there with young kids not wearing ear protection. I made Angel wear hers until she was 10 or so. On the plus side, it's not continuous noise.

  2. Great pictures! I'm sorry Randy missed the show. I'm heading over to make a test clickable link.

    1. Thanks! It's a bummer when he misses, since he takes his radio and has it programmed to the same frequency that production uses, so we know ahead of time what is happening. :)

  3. You took some really great shots!

    Your link works perfectly.
    Co-Host, 2017 Blogging from A to Z April Challenge

    1. Thanks! I didn't even bother with my regular camera, so these are all iPhone shots.


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