Friday, March 10, 2017

Happy Friday - 3/10/17

1.  TeamDOS first dance competition of the season tomorrow!
(more excited than happy)
This is most likely Miss Angela's last year at Dancers Only Studio.  
It's been her second home for 10 years now!
2.  That Miss Angela is able to get her own costumes, accessories, etc together on her own so all I have to do is go home after work and load up the car.  Life is good!

3.  That the DOS family has learned that calm & harmony is maintained in the dressing room by moms pretty much ignoring their own kids.  Sounds weird, but the girls are less likely to snap at a non-parent and when they ask for help.  The younger girls learn quick, by watching the older ones, that they can grab any mom for help with putting on eyelashes or even showing off a new skill.  So much less stress when there's no arguments!

4.  Being able to afford said competitions and all that goes with it (OMG, the $$$!)

5.  Seeing the next wave of crocuses pop up in my yard.
The orange ones seem to pop up first, then the white and finally the purple. 

6.  This face

7.  Not being affected much by the wind earlier this week.  I have coworkers who still don't have power in their homes!   And that my huge old maples in the front yard only lost smallish branches.
Today's useless trivia - 74 mph is classified as category 1 hurricane winds.  We were getting 68 mph gusts across lower Michigan.

8.  Robins.  And while I have not seen any red-winged blackbirds, I've heard them!  
Both mean springtime around here.

9.  The Love Shaque Kitty Committee
Is it possible to be a crazy cat lady when you also have a husband & kid & dog?

10.  Speaking of the dog - he's dumb as a rock, but I still love him and most of the time he does make me happy.

Feel free to send good mojo to TeamDOS this weekend - it's also their first time doing a production!  A production is an extended routine with a set & props and different styles of dance.  Imagine the board game Clue put to dance!   This particular competition allows recording from the audience, so look for all the dances up on my YouTube channel late Saturday / early Sunday night.   OK, not all.  6 of them!



  1. LOVE the look on your dog's face! Such a cutie! Yay for signs for spring! Have wonderful weekend.

    Visiting from 10 Things/Happy linkup!

    1. My daughter had just taken him to "get his nails did" and sent that pic to me - he's such a doof!

  2. GO TeamDOS!! Love the idea of being team mom to not-your-own daughter!

    1. Thanks, I stayed close in case she needed help (which she did) but I primarily a cheerleader with my cowbell!

  3. Good luck to the dance team! That sounds like so much fun and excitement!! :) I remember back in the day when I used to dance and miss those days. I don't miss the hurriedness backstage though, and the jitters. Lol

    Your crocuses are beautiful! Your cat committee is fantastic and your hound dog, he's pretty darn cute too. ;)

    Good luck and have a great week hun! :)

    1. Thanks, Of course I'm biased and think they all did fantastic!


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