Monday, July 4, 2016

SC vacation days 5 & 6 - duets, small groups & team picnic

Thursday was the duets & trios.  So we had a total of 5 routines over the day.  Angel & Katie got a platinum and 9th place.  Our other seniors got 10th place. 
Sad that this was Katie's last  year of dance! 
With their teacher, Miss Gabby. 
(text from Terina)

There was a duet of guys directly after them, so a photo op happened, of course.  
They were from Georgia and one had a man-bun - gag!

There was a long break before awards, so there was a team picnic at one family's condo - they rented it for 10 days because they brought family with them.  They have an alligator in their lake!  But the next door neighbor who lives there year-round says it hides in the weeds on one side of the lake and moves across to the other side when the sun starts to set. 
The turtles loved all the chips & watermelon rinds the girls threw in for them. 

team DOS!
It's a good thing the alligator doesn't like people, since ~someone~ insisted on jumping in!

The condo was really small and crowded, so most people trickled back to the hotel and invaded the pool.  We almost missed awards!  The comp was running fast and we didn't know it.  We laughed about Team DOS showing up in bathing suits and team jackets, looking like hot messes.  

Some of the fighter jets buzzing the hotel. 
Shots, shots, shots, shots, shots

Friday was the small groups.  Angel finally had 2 dances!! 
I had to take a pic of this other studio's routine - how hilarious is this??  
They were doing tap in these inflatable suits. 

Call Me - Double Platinum

I Love Rock & Roll - Platinum

I personally thought they should have done better with tap.  But Angel says they had their on and off days for both of these routines.  Jazz was clearly on and tap off. 


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