Monday, July 4, 2016

SC vacation days 3 & 4 - competition begins & the beach

So Tuesday was the beginning of the action.  Our junior girls had their solos in the morning with little Reece leading us off at like 8am. and the senior girls in the evening.  Angel went on at 9:30pm, Sarah directly after, and Katie a few after.  Luckily, they were just before awards. 
After the little girls' awards, we went back to the hotel to get her ready.  But first, we had to find the nearest Michael's to get Swarovsky crystals to put in her hair.  Her actual solo teacher wasn't able to make the trip to SC, so she kind of let Naomi know about her hairstyle change afterward. 
Thankfully, she loved it and it looked really cool on stage.  And I used eyelash glue for them, not hot glue like one of the little girls asked! 

It was some very tough competition.  Angel & Ashley both got platinums & Sarah & Katie got double platinums, but only Sarah actually placed.   Sarah was also a runner-up for Miss Applause and got the costume award (she was the only one up for it!!) 
Someone from Applause was taking pics on stage before awards and they were scrolling on a TV in the lobby.  Angel apparently started the trend of the double braids, since a lot of the girls started sporting them after she did. 
(from DOS FB page)
(from DOS FB page)
Angel was worried about her face breaking out after so many days of wearing tons of makeup.  Duh!  Wash your face when you're done!  So this is what happened to towels in our room regularly.

Our studio banner. 

Wednesday morning was the teen solos, so once their awards were done around 2pm, we were done for the day.   So we loaded up into Lynn's car and went to Folly Beach this time.  It was the one we figured out was closest to us. 

We had 3 girls with us, plus Lynn's Mother-in-law (who is a hoot!)  I was happy to see Angel pull rank with the other 2 and tell them she was the oldest, she got to sit in the actual back seat and not behind it. 
This is the day I got fried.  

I could tell this seagull was tempted by the popcorn, but he didn't take it from me. 
They had way too much fun on the beach! 

That evening, a bunch of us split into groups and did our own things. Me & one of the dads each took carloads (I took the women, he got the girls - poor Ben!) to a pizza place and met another family there for dinner.  The competition had a scavenger hunt going on and the girls talked the manager into letting them flip their own pizzas so they got a bunch of points for that. 

The service was really slow (the girls sat inside and kept our waiter entertained while we were almost forgotten out on the patio!) but the food when we finally got it was really good.    

They clearly told the waiter all about why we were there!

So that was yet another busy day. 


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