Sunday, July 3, 2016

SC Vacation days 1 & 2 - travel & explorations

Alrighty.  Of course I waited until Saturday the 18th to start packing!  I was really happy that Miss Angela's studio duffle bag was the exact size for a carry on since I refused to check her costumes, shoes & jewelry!  All 7 costumes and assorted shoes fit in this bag, along with our toiletry bag.  It weighed a ton!  
Saturday night, we stayed at my sister's house - which is much closer to the airport than our own house is.  I didn't sleep for beans, and she had to work and got home around 1:30am we had to get up at 2:45am so we could get to the airport by 4am.  

Everything went smoothly thru security, except that my Fitbit set off the metal detector!  I didn't even think about it, until they said they needed to check my left shoulder - whoops!  
We had the middle & aisle seats, but when the man who had the window showed up with friends who sat across the aisle, he asked if we just wanted to scoot over, since he'd planned on sleeping during the flight anyway.  Sure!  Angel hadn't been on a plane since she was 5, so this was fortunate for him - she probably would have been on his lap to see out the window!  He made a comment about it later - saying he was happy he'd moved!
This is how she was most of the flight from Flint to Atlanta. 


That moment a Face-Swap Selfie on Snapchat is disappointing since it doesn't look any different!

We had a 3 hour lay-over in Atlanta and did a lot of walking around between terminals.  We were excited (OK, she was more excited than me) to see Chick-Fil-A, but since it was Sunday...they were closed.  Shucks. 

The flight from Flint to Atlanta was nice & smooth, then the flight most of the way into Charleston was smooth, until we started descent.  We were being tossed around by the ocean breezes and it was pretty wobbly coming in.  

So we landed & got our bags, then got our rental car.  We didn't even go to the hotel first.  It was straight to Myrtle Beach!
It was just over 100 miles from Charleston Airport, but  it was the longest 2 hours ever!  17N goes thru National Forest, so there wasn't anything along the road, so when we looked for someplace to eat...nothing.  We had to go off the highway a couple miles to find food.  Luckily there was a CVS across the street from McD's so I could get some sunscreen.  My pasty white body needed all the protection it could get!  
So we made it.  I am so not a beach person.  I find it totally boring.  We actually only spent about 2 hours there. 
Artistic dance photos on the beach.

We walked out onto the fishing pier and had someone take a picture of us on this giant chair. 

Next stop.....dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe. 
We sat on the patio and had a waiter who reminded me of a very fabulous Orlando Bloom ala Pirates of the Caribbean.  He wanted us to tell him everything Detroit is known for.  We both just blinked at him for a minute.  Umm. Cars.  And I'm sure more than one Detroit musician is on the walls inside the Hard Rock Cafe....and hockey!  
We got to the hotel around 10:30pm.  I was beat.  That was a crazy long day.  
We hung up her costumes and fell into bed. 

This is all I could see of her Monday morning. 

We made a trip to the mall to see if we could replace her headband that she lost in her room.  Gasp!  Chick-Fil-A !!  She was all over that.  This is the happiest face you'll ever see on a Monday morning!
This was our rental car.  A 2016 Hyundai Accent with 3700 miles on it.  It was kind of fun to drive, but it didn't have much get-up-and-go.  And it had the sissiest horn ever. 

I thought it was neat that Charleston Airport (like 2 miles from the hotel) was also used by the Air Force.  So we got buzzed a lot by giant cargo planes and fighter jets. 
After the mall, I dropped her off by the pool and went out exploring on my own.  There was a cemetery I wanted to check out and ended up exploring two, Bethany Cemetery and Magnolia Cemetery.  When I got back, we met up with people from the studio by the pool and just hung out there for the rest of the night. 
Putting pins back onto her jacket. 


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