Sunday, May 29, 2016

2015-16 Official Dance Pics

(I started this post May 11, since pics were taken May 10)

Picture night was one of the longest we've ever survived!  The last group was scheduled to be taken at 9,  but it was around 10:15pm when they finally got in front of the camera.
(grabbed from the DOS Instagram)
Angel is left side, top & bottom corners

So it was supposed to start at 4, with open slots for the solos, then duets at 5 and groups starting at 5:30.  I left work early so we could get there right at 4.  I already had the garment rack in the car, so we just needed to load up her costumes & her and go.  And do you think she was even ready??  Her hair was straightened, but she didn't have her make up done or her solo costume on her body.  Really??  At least I was able to get everything filled out for the photographer & paid for first thing so we didn't have to wait in line when all the riff-raff (aka recreation parents) arrived.

I'd say almost right away, things were running behind.  No idea what the hold up was.  The girls were ready for ballet & a bunch of them put tennis shoes & their jackets on over the costumes and walked across the parking lot to the gas station to get snacks.  And still had to wait!

Towards the end, the last hour or so, things were getting sloppy.  The kids were tired & slap happy.  It was a school night and I heard more than one say she still had homework to do.  The 4 ladies from the photographer were trying to pack up before they were done, I could see packing up the things in the lobby for sale, but they still should have kept both cameras going!  So the one with the camera was more interested in taking down the 2nd screen and fighting with a damn stool that wouldn't fold instead of taking the photo of the group of kids standing in front of her.  She was apparently also seeing spots from the flash so she wasn't getting nice poses anymore, etc.

They love taking pictures of Angel, tho.  She's never taken a bad photo.  So she was really easy and most of the time had a good idea of the poses she wanted to do.  They kept saying she was so cute and they just wanted to take her home ~snort~ !

We just got the final product in the mail. A pleasant surprise since I hadn't even started looking for them yet!  I was messing around on FB before bed Thursday night and saw one of the other Mom's posted her girls' pics so I had to run out and check the mail.  
They haven't come up with a title for the dance yet.  The music is very dark and dramatic. 
This one is the 8x10 - all the rest I have 5x7s for the living room "Angela Wall"

The masks are cool looking, but they're metal and have a stone that stabs them in the forehead.  I put a swirl of hot glue over Angel's. 

Senior jazz Duet - Two of Hearts
 With partner Katie. 

Large Group Contemporary - Injection of the Soul

Senior Small Group Jazz - Call Me 

Senior Small Group Tap - I Love Rock & Roll

Hip Hop Line - Clique

Jazz Line - Mony Mony

Senior All Stars

Senior Jazz Solo - I Wanna Dance With Somebody

I love how her look changes.  She looks so elegant in ballet, then so tough for tap & hiphop, then cute & perky for jazz. 

It's official - She will be back on the team next year!  It was funny how Terina, the owner of the studio asked her "You will be coming back next year, right?"  And she asked me if she would be doing All Stars again, so that's when I knew a conversation had happened.  

The senior category in all the competitions we went to were ages 17-19 so she's good.  She won't be 19 until the end of September.  I had heard Katie was done - she turned 19 in March but then I heard she might be back.  So I guess we'll find out!  It looks like the team will be smaller next year - several of the younger girls want to try school sports and stuff like that.  

That's OK.  They'll still be a force to be reckoned with!


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