Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Catching up....

I really haven't posted since Mother's Day???  Sheesh.

Pictures are going to be kinda scarce in this post, since I woke up Saturday morning to find the Blue Screen of Death (dun dun dun) on my phone.  I tried to do the recovery / restore on my desktop and it didn't work.  So I took it into an Apple store....still didn't work.  They called it dead.  So I went to Verizon Sunday morning and since I had a lovely printout from Apple with the problem detailed - it was pretty quick for them to order my replacement and it's sitting at home waiting for me right now!
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Saturday night was the bridal shower for one of Miss Angela's dance teachers.  They had it at the studio.  My beef is - 3 of us got her the same gift!  Either someone didn't look at the "un-purchased" part of the registry or didn't get it checked off.  And I went several days before the actual shower and picked it up.  But mine was better anyway, since it was a picture frame that said "family" and had places to clip the photos so I printed out a group picture from one of the competitions with all their trophies & awards and clipped it on there.   Neener.

This was weird - Thursday night when I went shopping, I'd stopped for gas and then at Kohl's for the gift and in the time it took to get from Kohl's to CVS about 2 miles down the road....my bank card got shut off!  I stopped in the bank the next day and asked them to check it.  Apparently, in those few minutes, someone in Illinois tried to charge $200 at a Dollar General on my card!!  I'm glad the bank caught it, but I'm still flabbergasted that someone found $200 worth of crap to buy at Dollar General!!

Randy went to Dayton for the big ham radio convention last weekend.  Sadly, he got a flat tire.  On the plus side, he brought me home a lovely sparkly pair of earrings...that he found floating around in the box with his jack!!!  He has owned this car for many moons and never had to get out the spare tire.  And he bought it used.....so a mystery!  It's not like someone lost them from their ears - they both had backings on them.  I probably won't have them checked out, but a couple people at my work think they're at least cubic zirconia.  So bling for me!  And they're not small stones, either.

I'm happy that I got a couple projects taken care of while he was gone.  One was getting the bird feeder fixed.  All I needed was something to put on the end of the wire hanger to keep the feeder from sliding off.  Apparently a squirrel or really heavy bird tried to hang on it.  The dorks at the hardware store finally figured out the piece I could use, but OMG! it costs $3.40!  I was like "gimme the damn thing".  Then the other project involved Angel's car.  Apparently when she got t-boned back in February, it bowed the door in, breaking the seal in the rubber at the top.  Which caused a leak (and mold on the seat - ew) but the one guy piped right up and told me that he drives a beater, and knew exactly what to use to seal it.  It's not like that door opens anymore, so we'll see how this works.

I'd sent her out the clean her car out one afternoon and she came in with an armload of clothes, asking if it was bad that some of them were crusty......ummmmmm yeah.  Gross!  So the crusty clothes must have been where the window had leaked.   Straight into the washer!

I've started making a list of things to remember to do / get / pack before the trip to Charleston for Nationals next month.  If I don't, we will be spending a lot of time at Walmart once we get there - taking away valuable beach time. I know we'll be making one trip as soon as we get there, but that's all I want to do!  I also found out that her duffle bag for dance is within the size constraints for carry-ons - woohoo!  Perfect.   So once the recital is over on the 11th, we'll take it home and Febreeze the crap out of it (it's her shoe bag) and set it out in the sun to air, and we'll pack all her costumes in it. Her shoes will be stuffed with dryer sheets and sealed in Ziploc bags so they don't contaminate the costumes.  Hope the TSA doesn't want to look too closely at those!

I'm kind of looking forward to the 3 day weekend this week.  I didn't realize that Randy was leaving for Arkansas Saturday or Sunday, but I knew he was going so he could take his mom to an appointment later that week.  Oh man.  I am totally going to get some of those cheap foam headstones redone for the Halloween display.  I'll cut some plywood to the appropriate size / shapes and glue the foam on.  Then repaint the whole thing and screw on a conduit hanger to the back.  That makes it slip over rebar easily when it goes into the yard.  I have a bunch of smaller foam stones so those will make some nice filler for the cemetery.

Oh look - another productive day at work!  It could have been worse - I could have let Angel bring me my phone like she wanted to do!  It's almost quittin' time so I'm gonna post this!
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