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Monday Mish-Mash #15

Monday Mish Mash Link Party #15 at Country Mouse City Spouse

Hey, it's been a while!  April was a bit insane with the Blogging A-Z Challenge going on, so I'll do a quick "Life Round-Up".

Um.  Woo, I can't even think, there's been so much excitement {{sarcasm}} Angel had two competitions in April - I posted videos of each of her dances from the Dance Force comp on YouTube (link over to the right!) here's the posts about each.... Dance Force  & Showbiz.  

Angel got hurt during her solo at Showbiz so I was curious to find out the judge's critiques.  She landed wrong and twisted her knee about halfway thru her dance and could barely finish.  The 3 judges apparently loved her song (Whitney Houston's I Wanna Dance With Somebody), loved her outfit, loved her sass and when she got hurt, they all chanted for her "Keep Going, Keep Going".  Then a comment was made about how they wished they could see it in its entirety.   And yes, she got 6th (last) place, but she was less than a point behind 5th place!  I can only imagine how well she'd have done if she finished strong! 

So now they're working on the finale for the recital - the theme this year is Dancers Against Cancer, so the first song is some tear-jerker from Martina McBride & Katy Perry's Roar and a bunch of others.  Angel said she gets to start out dancing with one of the little girls, so that'll be really cute.   

Pictures are next week, that's always a fun, crazy day.  Completely unnecessary for me to be at the studio, but I'll go since I like to see all the kids in their costumes.  Just like I enjoy going to dress rehearsal, it's like a sneak-peak of the dances.  And she'll only be having 9 pictures taken instead of 13 like last year.  

Girl had her traffic court date last week from the accident she was in back in February.  Happily, nobody else showed, so they dismissed her case - no points on her license & no fees!  Woohoo!

OH!  We finally got all the dead trees removed from the yard!  It looks so big & empty in the backyard after having a 30+ foot pine tree lying out there wall winter.  They postponed our appointment twice - the last time the tree guy felt really bad since Randy took off work twice to be there!  So he said he understood if we didn't want to give him business, but if we still did, he'd take $100 off the quoted price + remove the overgrown forsythia bush from between the pines.  Then they proceeded to show up 2 hours early on the promised day!  Angel called me at work and said they'd just pulled up and by the time I got home, 30 minutes later - the other 2 trees were down and a lot of chipping had already happened.  They didn't even have to grind the cherry's stump out - they pushed it over with the little bobcat thingy and the roots went with it.  2 hours later, they were done & gone.  We got the back yard cleaned up fairly decently, but still need some dirt to fill in that hole. 
I will miss the old cherry tree, tho.  
I love this picture - the beauty of the blossoms against the rough gnarly-ness of the bark.

I am happy that I avoided getting the cooties that Angel had at the last comp - she was pretty miserable.  And the booger drank out of my pop!  Dodged that bullet, for sure. 

The house & 120 acres up north have been officially on the market for about a month.  Funny that my sister got a text last week from an old neighbor's daughter who I haven't seen since the 2 of us were like 12, asking about it saying they saw an ad about it and she may have someone interested.  Hello?  If you saw the ad, you saw the realtor's # - call her!  Sheesh. 

We're supposed to be going to the zoo on Mother's Day!  We went to see ZooLights at Christmas time, but other than that, we haven't been there since the weekend Randy & I got married, so almost 10 years.  It's supposed to be really nice - 63 & sunny!  Sounds like a perfect zoo day to me! 

Aw man, it's getting late.  Linking up (a day late as always) with the lovely Miss Amy.

Outta here!

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  1. Hope Angel is better! And cheers to the judges for cheering her on.
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