Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Mom's Day Weekend

It was a nice weekend. Friday was beautiful, so I hurried home from work to get the lawn mowed. I was hoping to get some sun on my pasty white skin, so I wore a tanktop. Didn't get the slightest shading of pink at all and I managed to keep all 10 fingers! 

Finally! The lilacs & crabapple are blooming! 

I have the tiniest daffodils.

We finally de-rednecked our house and took the Christmas lights down.
At least they hadn't been plugged in!

Sunday we went to the Zoo! 
It was the most perfect day ever to go. It was kind of hazy and on the cool side, so most of the animals were active! 

The new penguin exhibit has only been open a couple weeks. It was really neat. They have a 4D experience based on a ship that explored the Antarctic. The link has some better pictures of it - the building is supposed to look like an iceberg. 


Love these guys. 

There's a tunnel you walk thru and a clear glass floor.

My Mom freaked out at that!

I can't say why I was fascinated with the ordinary, non-zoo birds!
Like this heron that was fishing. 
There's a rookery with nests just down the road from my house so I can see them anytime. 

I had no idea swans were so huge! There was another one sitting on a nest nearby. 

It took some poking around, because we didn't know what this was.
A black-crowned night heron.

These geese and their babies were really close to the path. 

A very stylish wood duck. 

This mama wood duck had several babies zooming around her -
 including the nugget on the rock in the foreground. 
She'd just splashed around in the water, so I caught it running off her feathers. 

The fountain. 

I've never seen a red panda! 
 There were 2 out running around - the cutest things ever!!

Nap time for the tiger.

The chimp was out chilling. 

The lions were alert, scoping out the crowd. 
Randy said the male locked eyes with him! 


This beautiful guy hopped up on a wall right next to me. 
I was maybe 4 feet away from him!
He just looked at me. 

Love the zebras!

The giraffe was doing a lot of wandering around.  I saw a second one out later. 

The bear was neat to see roaming around. 

Angel & the boyfriend. 

We only saw one of the polar bears. 

Inuit Sculptures by the polar bears.

Inside the Ring Of Life.
This place also has an underwater tunnel to walk thru, 
so you can see polar bears & seals swimming around you. 


There is a stairway under the prairie dog yard with a tube so you can stand up and see what they see!

The gorilla wandered by as we were eating lunch. 

This is outside the amphibian house. 
Dave & Mom viewed the Zoo in style. Here they were "racing".
It was funny that sometimes Mom wanted to walk, so she'd push the wheelchair and someone else would ride in it!

Sculpture outside the reptile house. 
We rode on the train from the back of the park to the front.  Mom loves the train!

Mine & Randy's train selfie

The reason I'm a mommy.

With my mommy!

We had a really good time since it's been almost 10 years since we'd been to the Zoo.  
Did you do anything fun?


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