Wednesday, June 1, 2016

An eventful Memorial Weekend

It was one of those good weekends with the smattering of bad thrown in.  

First of all - 3 day weekend - GOOD!  

Well, if I go in somewhat chronological order, it starts with a bad story.  Friday night, Angel was going to the beach and then spending the night at Lauren's house.  So Randy & I went out to dinner & wandered around a couple stores like we usually do.  We got home after dark and Randy let Jack outside - without putting him on the leash.  So of course that means there was a skunk in the yard and the Beagle nose went exactly where it shouldn't.  
Skunk - BAD

While I'm scrubbing him down, my phone buzzed - it was Angel.  I almost didn't answer because I was up to my elbows in smelly dog shampoo.  She told me she was at Ronnie's (the boyfriend) and the police were there!!  Then she put the officer on the phone!  He told me they'd been called over for a noise complaint (which I couldn't believe - noise & Ronnie would NEVER be in the same sentence) and when they showed up, they found them and another boy (all minors) happily drinking.  And could I come get her?  

So I dried off my arms and went to go get her.  The officers explained what had happened and what were we going to do with her?  I told them I'd had to confer with the hubby, but punishment would indeed happen!  They asked if I wanted her cited for MIP (minor in possession) or administer a PBT (breathalyzer).  I told them no to the citation, but I was curious about the breathalyzer.  She was standing over in the driveway, bawling her eyes out and when the officer called her over, she was hyperventilating and generally freaking out. It took her a while before she calmed down enough to be able to get her lips around the tube!  As it was, she still didn't give a good blow, but she still registered a 0.087, which is over the legal limit in Michigan!  Then they proceeded to give the test to both boys (Ronnie is 17, Nate is 15) and they blew 0.04 & 0.05, but they're both much larger than Angel is. 

Oh, by the way, Ronnie's parents were in Ohio and he was either supposed to be at his G'mas or she was supposed to be there, but neither happened.  And Nate's parents were out on the lake, but at least not too far away.  Great, huh?

So the officers told Angel to go get in my car and they proceeded to load the boys up into theirs.  They couldn't leave them there without an adult present!  Luckily Ronnie's G'ma picked him up pretty quickly, but Nate had to sit in the station for a good hour until his parents showed up. But Angel freaked out again when she saw them getting patted down and put in the patrol cars. 

Police - BAD. 
To wind up this story, Angel really only is being punished for lying about where she was.  I think the whole episode with the police got thru to her.   She has been treading on the straight & narrow with no complaints so far. 

I talked to Ronnie's mom - she said the neighbor who called is a huge asshole and they've had nothing but trouble with this guy since he moved in 3 years ago.  

Quite honestly - she's hilarious drunk!  She was sobbing that Randy was going to kill her, etc, then in the next breath, she was calm & clear and would tell some random story.  Then she'd start sobbing again about something else.  

 We had a glider fly-over.  Wooo.  Nothing screams "freedom" to me like almost mistaking them for a lawnmower 4 houses down.   

I went shopping with my sister after lunch Monday - this is the closest I'll ever get to a bathing suit bikini top!  

Successful shopping trip - GOOD!

I got some plywood cut & painted & glued on the back of a bunch of cheap foam headstones.  I just need to add the conduit hangers on the back to slide over the rebar in the ground & maybe touch up some paint. 

Halloween prep - GOOD!

My stupervisor. 

We went to Home Depot and rented a post hole digger so we could put a new post in the yard for Jack's run.  The hole was just wide enough for the head of a shovel and about 3 feet deep.  You wouldn't believe the crap that came out of that hole!  I wanted to reuse the dirt in the hole from the cherry tree so I sifted all the trash out.  A spoon, shitloads of broken glass (glasses, bottles, heavy ornate pieces, etc) bottle caps, a bunch of metal keys from cans of potted meat, nails, what looked to be 2 spent shell casings from a handgun, a whole, unbroken lightbulb (found well over 2 feet down!), batteries, fuses, a lump of melted lead - all sorts of crap. That part of the yard clearly must have been a fire pit or trash pile back in the day. 

Randy walking into the room - Timbits First

I'll have to explain this - I like to watch RuPaul's Drag Race and in the first challenge the drag queen who went on to win the crown (Bob the Drag Queen!) made a purse that showed up in every other episode until the end!  Somehow it became a thing.   I'd told Randy about it because it was funny and he did this with his box of Timbits on his own!  


Monday we did our usual, met the family at the cemetery to visit Dad and then went to lunch.  For some reason we always accept the flags that the people at the cemetery hand out when you pull in.  Dad is in a niche (??  idk, I call it a file cabinet!) but there's no place to put the flag!  I brought a couple others with me that I had in the garage, but don't like how they're made.  So I put one flag on a stone near Dad, of a Marine who'd been in Vietnam and another flag on a WWII Navy guy.  Then I searched out the grave of an old friend of the family (he had no first name to me - he was Mr. Taylor.  I never even knew he had a first name til I saw his stone!) and put my last flag on his, even tho I have no idea if he'd been in the military or not. 

So the next good news is that my nephew proposed to his girlfriend!  They went to Belle Isle down on the Detroit River and it was so cute.  My sister & BIL were there and got it all on video.  
Katie will be a good addition to the family.  She is a sweetie and I think she's perfect for Jamie. 

Engagement - GOOD! 

So that's all that's going on here.  OH!  We got the schedule for Nationals!  Angel will be doing her solo Tuesday night (at like 9:30 pm!), nothing on Wednesday (the teens are doing their solos so hopefully done early) Thursday afternoon will be her duet.  Friday is the 2 small groups, tap & jazz, then Saturday is the lines & large group.  And depending on how they do, Sunday is the "Best of the Best".  So we won't know if they dance Sunday until the rest of the days happen.  

Time to go make dinner!  I was going to mow the lawn tonight, I even skipped Zumba so I could!  But luckily I checked the radar before I went & started moving lawn furniture, since it started raining about 20 minutes later and it's still coming down lightly, 2 hours later.  At least I got weeds pulled in the flowerbeds.  After dinner I'm going to repot some indoor plants. 

Randy left Sunday for Arkansas and will be back next weekend sometime.  I haven't been sleeping as well as I thought I would with him gone!  The cats haven't even been hogging the bed that badly.  


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