Sunday, August 9, 2015

Vacation Days 7 & 8

Now for the final 2 days of our vacation!  Since we were in Washington DC, I told Randy we should at least make an attempt to SEE the White House and other notable buildings.  Like a I said before - lots of construction was happening.

The dome of the Capitol is covered in scaffolding. 
This is a drinking fountain in the wall around the Capitol.  So pretty!
President Garfield
The Treasury.  We were sitting at a red light and I looked over - Oh hey!  
Since we were basically done with walking - this is as close as we got to the White House.  I know the better view would have been on the other side of The Ellipse, but oh well. At Christmas time, from this angle we would have been able to see the National Christmas Tree.

This was pretty awesome - I don't know how we didn't know this existed!  The USAF Memorial.  From one side it looked at Arlington, another side looked over the Pentagon. 

The Pentagon
Finally, we;re leaving Washington DC and heading in the general direction of home....
The ambulance was making faces at us! 
We stayed Thursday night in Pennsylvania and really enjoyed floating around the pool.  Randy should have joined Angel and I, since it really helped with the aches & pains of all that walking the last few days. 

Friday our only stop was in Stonycreek Twp, PA.
This boulder marked the impact site of the Flight 93 on 9-11.
The wall of names of all the people on the flight. 
It is situated directly along the flight path and the field is mowed so you can see the boulder. 

You may need to click on this to see the unpainted words better. 
Along the walkway to the Wall of Names was a wall with the occasional niche in it.  This one had a tiny Capitol building - where it was assumed Flight 93 was heading to before the passengers brought it down.  
And of course there was construction going on there, too.  It would have been so peaceful and serene there, but the heavy equipment sort of spoiled that mood!  They're building a new learning center.

Ah!  Home sweet home!  The only traffic we ran into was on I75 south of Detroit - thanks to road signs, we were able to change our route to a smaller state highway and get around the problem.  We got home around Friday the 24th around 7:30.  We stopped for Taco Bell and Tim Hortons before going home, since we knew once we got there...we wouldn't want to go out again!   

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  1. Virginia, so ripe with history! And the fight 93 memorial I would have never seen. In so many ways it seems like yesterday. But then I look at Hannah, who is 16 and realize that in just a few years we'll have a whole generation of adults that have no personal memory of that tragic day.
    #WeekendCoffeeShare @ Life & Faith in Caneyhead

  2. I've not been to DC since I was in 8th grade (a few yrs ago ... and my hubs has never been. It's on our to-do list.


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