Sunday, August 30, 2015

Happy #42 to me!

Yesterday was a pretty good day.  Weekend birthdays are great!  Because having to go to work just makes it another day.

I had the thought of getting up early and going to the mall for the Yankee Candle Boney Bunch preview party, but decided against it.  There were only 3 pieces I really  wanted and one of them was an online exclusive, so when the dog wanted out at 6:30am, I took him outside, then went online and ordered them!  I follow a Boney Bunch page on FB and people actually go nuts over these things and they sell out fairly quickly.  I ended up ordering the 3 pieces and one other I'd been waffling about, which is a good thing because when we did finally make it to the mall in early afternoon, they didn't have any of them.  I did get a couple other pieces then...because they looked a lot better in real life than they did online.  Randy gave me free rein to buy them since he's not the most inspired of gift choosers.
The website describes this Black Magic candle as "A provocative mix of black leather, patchouli, smoky incense and sweet vanilla...all cloaked in musk and eerily mysterious." My sniffer must disagree because I distinctly smelled baby powder.  Maybe it'll be different once I actually burn it.
This votive holder is really cool!  I thought there was already a candle in it burning when I grabbed the last one off the shelf, but it is the extremely shiny gold interior that made it look like that.
And they always seem to have a candy dish offered for $10 if you spend $35.  This is is pretty small - ones in the past have been really big!  I like this better, actually.
Then we walked around the mall some more.  Randy wanted to go into a toy store, so we all had a good time looking at the toys.  Angel picked out a 'boy' penguin to go with a 'girl' one she already has (it's a stuffed animal - who can tell gender???) and I got this adorable blue octopus - how ridiculously cute!  And the little sea turtle.  There's a reason behind him.  And I got some new slippers, too!  Once it starts getting cool, I wear those things all the time because our floor is so cold!
Once we got home from the mall, the plan had been to leave Randy home to spare him the torture and Angel & I head to the salon to get our nails did.  But it was cloudy and cool and misting rain and I heard a nap calling me.  A glorious 3 hour nap.  Then I got up and ran to the store to pick out something yummy for Randy to grill for dinner. And I opted for peanut butter chocolate cupcakes instead of regular cake to go with my moose tracks ice cream.
Today Angel & I went and she got her tips filled while I had a pedicure. My finger nails never seem to like to keep polish so I don't usually bother with them.  When my toes can be seen, they're painted. I love how this place also gives you a foot / calf massage while during the pedicure.  Nice!  Angel thought I was nuts for propping my foot up on the dashboard in front of her so I could take a pic....hey, it's better than the parking lot.   Check out the flip-flop tan line, too!
So I've been perusing Pinterest and other places. trying to find inspiration for a new tattoo. I want something Navy-related and will probably be on my leg between the side & front, just above my knee. It's tough trying to find something that's somewhat girly!   I found this one that has potential (with different words on the tags, of course) but the butterfly doesn't really scream "Navy" to me.
Found on Pinterest and it says it's from 
but when I clicked on the link it tells me there's malware possible on the site so I didn't actually go there.

This is probably the most likely option.....with some additions....

I'd like a sea turtle somewhere (representing being a Shellback) and instead of the fouled line, I'd like dogtags with maybe USN 1992-2000 on one and Shellback 9/18/95 (the day I crossed the Equator) on the other.  I'll have to go in and have the guy draw something up for me and it would be really neat to go back on September 18 to get it done!

What would really be awesome would be an anchor and on one side of the shank have half of a carrier, head on and the other side have half of a submarine tender, head on - with appropriate hull numbers to match the ships I was on.  That would have to be a big tattoo to put that much detail in, tho.  As it is, the one I want won't be a tiny thing.

And when Miss Angela turns 18 next month, she wants a tattoo for her birthday.  So I'm going to take her, just like I did on her 16th to get her belly button pierced.  She already has one picked out.  She wants a heart, a heartbeat zigzag line thingy and "dance" on her hip.  I approve of her choice, because it's small, meaningful and can be hidden easily.  I've seen girls on stage with tattoos and they really stand out and not in a good way.

So she applied for a couple jobs this week.  We were both surprised that a lot of retail places required you to be 18, but she looked at a couple places at the mall (of all places!) because she knew people younger than 18 who worked there.  So we're waiting to hear back.  We had someone from a local number calling the house tonight and normally we don't answer numbers we don't recognize (which means NEVER!) but even tho it was Sunday evening, I answered this one.  It was someone asking if Angel was still interested in doing some modelling!  I asked her about this before and she enjoyed it the one time she did it, but wasn't really interested in pursuing it.  So I told the lady she'd gone away to school.  #sorrynotsorry !

She goes in for her follow-up appointment at the doctor's office tomorrow.  I know she hasn't been putting away 60 oz of liquid per day, even tho I've been nagging.  So fingers crossed that she's getting better. Her appetite seems to be slowly coming back.  And she starts PT at the office around the corner from our house tomorrow. She doesn't want to go, but this is what she gets for not doing the exercises at home she was supposed to do!  I went with her Friday and it was kind of interesting watching her do what all they had her doing.  All the balance exercises can only help with dance (and with strengthening her ankles, of course!)

I'm going to sign off with a picture of Jack while he was keeping Randy company as he installed a voice radio (finally!) in my car.  I've had my car for a year now and haven't had a (ham) radio in it so I've probably forgotten how to make contacts!  I usually only talk to Randy on it anyway.



  1. I'm waaay behind on clearing out my blog reader so I just now saw this. Happy belated birthday!


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