Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Vacation Days 3 & 4

So here we are in North Carolina on Sunday morning.  It is so pretty there!  This road was lined with the crape myrtles.  I bet those wouldn't survive this far north, dammit.  If I ever move south, I want one!  

And it was interesting that we would see random tiny cemetery plots just in people's yards.  I'd have to assume they were family.  Some were right by the road, so they zoomed by too quickly for me to get a picture.  NC was the only place we saw that.   Can you imagine if you ever wanted to move?  You'd have to make sure the new owners took care of great-great grandma & grandpa's graves!  And the other cemeteries I noticed were all attached to churchyards.  
Our first stop was in Kill Devil Hills - the home of GraveDigger! 


The track was a 3 loop figure 8 and we went over a bus and some cars and they took the corners fast! 
I hope she was texting someone telling them how excited she was to ride on a monster truck!!
I thought Randy was going to bounce out - the seatbelt didn't fit around him (oops) but the driver kid said he'd be OK. 
Mini granite headstone in the gift shop.
We accidentally found ourselves inside the garage, too!  In our defense, the door was wide open and right next to the gift shop.  Nothing said we couldn't go in, but seeing the GraveDigger Legend truck and 2 others sitting in there with all sorts of tools just out - no one was around, but we definitely got the impression we weren't supposed to be in there. 
The original.....

The diner was so cute! 
Next stop was to Kitty Hawk - where the Wright Brothers took their first flight.
There was a kite festival going on while we were there.  This giant fish was really cool but we never saw it get off the ground. 
Markers for the first 3 flights.

The monument was up on top of a hill and we made it about 1/3 of the way up and decided it was too freakin' hot and we were not going.  So I used my zoom lens.  

We stopped at this local BBQ place for lunch - OMG it was excellent.  Surprisingly Randy showed a moment of restraint and took a picture of his plate before eating, but I dove right in and devoured my turkey-que, cole slaw, hush puppies & beans.  Om nom nom nom.  

Next we went to the beach on the Outer Banks so we could check out the beach. Funny that we went to multiple beaches, but never actually went swimming.  
On the way out of NC, we had to stop back at Virginia beach so I could pay my respects to King Neptune.   This is one of 3 bucket list items crossed off on this trip!  September 17 will mark 20 years since I was cleansed & tested & found worthy to be called "Shellback" (Navy tradition when crossed the equator the first time).  I want to get a tattoo for the occasion, but I need a good idea for it. 

We drove into Delaware twice and turned right back around.  Just to say we went there!
This beach was pretty close to the Delaware, Maryland border.  All the other beaches were pretty kid / wading friendly - this one wasn't.  It dropped off and got deep quick!

We stayed that night in Largo, MD - not far outside Washington DC.  This tree was in the parking lot - anyone have any idea what it is??
To be continued.....


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