Thursday, August 6, 2015

Vacation Day 5

Now it's Tuesday.  We left the car at the hotel and took the courtesy shuttle to the Metro station.  Parking was scarce so this was pretty much the best way to get around.  We still walked a zillion miles.  
Coming out of the Metro station, we saw a row of food trucks - a whole convoy of every kind of food you could imagine.  It was pretty neat to see. 
Our first stop of the day was to the Air & Space Museum.  Randy wanted to see the space shuttle Columbia, but we chose the wrong air & space museum to go to - there are 3 in DC and of course it was at a different one. 
I'm not posting a whole lot of pics from this, altho it was pretty neat.  I couldn't believe the hordes of people!  It was insane.  Of all nationalities, too. 

Next, Randy wanted to go to another museum (there's only several thousand of them there) but I really wanted to explore.  This is the Andrew Mellon Auditorium.  I loved the sculptures.
We made our way to the Washington Monument.   Flags were at half mast for the 4 Marines and 1 sailor from Chattanooga.  

From the base of the Washington Monument looking toward the Lincoln Memorial. 
Later on that afternoon, there were a whole lot of softball teams out on this field.  

Next was the WWII Memorial.  It was so pretty!  

Angel had to get pics with both of "her states" - 
the one she was born in and the one she currently lives in. 

We had a good laugh at this - it's not graffiti!  It was carved into the marble. 
Then we walked the length of the reflecting pool and saw this traditional scene....
To one side is the Korean War Vets Memorial.  I found this the most touching and moving of all we saw, even more than the Tomb of the Unknowns!  Just their faces!  
The people were all much larger than real life.

My favorite picture...

We looked at all those stairs and just said no. 

Glad I have a good zoom, tho! 
Opposite the Korean War Vets was the Vietnam Wall.  I've seen the travelling wall, and was kind of expecting something a whole lot bigger,  and definitely not dipped down like that.  Very cool, tho.

The Three Soldiers
Vietnam Womens Memorial. 
I missed the conversation Randy & Angel had with a local guy, but this squirrel's name was Cornbread. 
Fanciest Forever 21 I've ever seen!  And there's a Metro station in there. 
Funky flowers. 
We finally made our way to the Hard Rock Cafe for some much needed liquid refreshment.  
Of course we all had to get shirts! 

To be continued....


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