Wednesday, August 12, 2015

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Happy Hump Day!

Just an FYI - I edited the last 2 vacation posts so they actually have WORDS!  I totally dropped the ball with those.  I uploaded the pictures and pre-scheduled them, just got busy with Miss Angela's grad party and ppppft. Realized on Sunday evening that I never finished the posts.  ooops.

Speaking of the grad party - it went off very smoothly!  I plan to write a post about it...once my sisters send me pictures off their cameras!  I was running around like a mad-woman and while I did get pics of the table as you walked up the driveway (picture boards, yearbooks, a photo matte to sign, her cap, box for cards, etc) and also of her cake and surrounding decorations - I never got any of the food setup or the tables.  Right now, the best picture I have of a table is this....
Thanks to sister Laurie for getting into the garage while I was elsewhere and digging out the skeletons.  Pretty sure Angel's friends dressed them up. 

So there's another illness in the house - Angel again!  Somehow managed to pick up a lovely case of Hepatitis!  This is apparently a generic virus since there's no extra letter at the end - just plain ol' inflammation of the liver.  And she's up to date with all her vaccinations!  We thought because we'd all gotten dehydrated while on vacation that was the cause of her dark pee, and she'd had a week of dance, then a week off then back at it, that was the cause of her tiredness & sore muscles. Once she told us early last week she had a sharp pain in her side and her pee was dark orange, I called the doc.  They took urine & blood samples, then last Friday took more blood and an ultrasound.  I just heard back today - liver & spleen look great and liver enzymes are coming down.  Yay!  So she's not contagious, not on any medications.  Just supposed to have NO high-impact (HA!!), full contact activities for 6 weeks, with plenty of rest and fluids.  

But of course, she's been going to the gym once a week with a few other girls to work on tumbling with a real trainer and has 2 hour dance classes at the studio once a week.  Regular fall classes start up again after school starts in September.  And the competitions have already been posted, so we can plan ahead for them.  

OMG - they're planning for Nationals in Charleston SC in June!  Charleston is 2 hours away from Savannah GA and 4 hours from St. Marys GA - places that both have cemeteries that I want to visit!  (Trivia for today - a taphophile is someone who is interested in cemeteries and "graveyard art" - that's me!)  I've seen pictures from Bonaventure Cemetery in Savannah and it's fantastic.  According to "a world famous tourist destination for more than 150 years due to the old tree-lined roadways, the many notable persons interred, the unique cemetery sculpture and architecture, and the folklore associated with the site and the people."  Squeee!  And the other is Oak Grove Cemetery.  I visited there (sans camera - sob!) when I saw stationed in Kings Bay back in 93/94 and it was so hauntingly beautiful that I never forgot it.  I honestly never thought I'd have a chance to go back there!!   

There's already been mention of renting a bus for the team to travel together since it's about a 900 mile trip.  I don't know if I'd want to be on a bus with 30 girls (and probably 1 boy) for that long.  Someone might get themselves smothered or locked in the luggage compartment.

(random picture of Jack enjoying the fire pit)

So we talked to the studio owner and told her Angel needed to cut down on some classes this year, so she dropped all the recreation classes, except for the required ballet.  And damned if Terina didn't bring back the lines!  That's all the age groups doing the dance.  So she's competing in small group elite tap, jazz line (25+), hiphop line(25+), large group lyrical, and so far a solo.  Last year's duet partner was on vacation during try-outs, so once she does they'll probably have a duet again, since they're kick-ass together.  And then she's on the All-Star team with at least 2 dances - pom and I think jazz.  I don't know why I can't remember!  

I'm not particularly happy with Missy right now.  She still hasn't' registered for college and classes start the 24th!  At the rate she's going, her happy butt will have to wait until the winter term and ~gasp~ get a JOB until then !!  It's her own damn fault.  She applied and was accepted last spring and has dinked around all summer about registering for actual classes.   I've been bugging her about it and she finds 1000 reasons why it didn't happen.  I'm done.  Plus, the problem with her registering now, it tuition needs to be paid in full before classes start.  HA! 

So the cat just told me it was bedtime, so I'm signing off!  Later!


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