Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Got my smiley face!

And it is already happily on my keychain with all the rest of the goodies I've gotten. 
Sorry - this is the WW "Get Happy" charm for attending 10 out of 12 meetings over the summer. 

I skipped my meeting last week and I don't even remember why.  I think after the craziness of Miss Angela's grad party and the fact I seemed to be the only one eating leftovers....and until they were gone, there was no room in the fridge for anything else, so I couldn't go grocery shopping!  There's still a few things in there but they'll be tossed tomorrow, since Friday is trash day.   But the damage today was up 2.8 lbs.  UGH!  

So I need something new & different for breakfast.  I'd been having oatmeal (1/2 steel cut & 1/2 old-fashioned) almost every weekday for as long as I can remember.  I'd mix PB2 or fruit or just flavored extract and call it good.  Until I noticed that I was starting to get heartburn around mid-afternoon.  Then when we got back from vacation, it escalated into afternoon painful gas / bloat.  I mean, belly distended with straight up PAIN.  I emailed my Fearless Leader Dez about it and she suggested cutting out the oatmeal, since that seems to be what was causing it.  Sho'nuff.  I stopped eating it and no more bloat. 

The problem what to have for breakfast??  Last week I took eggs into work with me.  I'd have them already cracked in a container with salt & pepper & a splash of milk and maybe some shredded cheese, then nuke them for a total of about 90 seconds - stopping to stir every 20 or so seconds.  I like eggs, but that got old pretty quick.  This morning I tried quinoa.  Hmm.  I wasn't too impressed.  It probably didn't help that I didn't have a sieve to put them in to get a good rinse.  I used a t-shirt.  But I stopped and bought one after the meeting tonight, so there may be a re-visit.
Did you know that there are options??  The stats are exactly the same so I guess its just a visual thing.  I should have gotten the tri-color for the hell of it.  I know I already had a box of pre-rinsed quinoa, but I couldn't find it.  I know I only fixed it once or twice, so it couldn't have been gone. 
I dug out my WW "What to Eat" and "Simple Start" books tonight to get some ideas.   I need something with good staying power or I'll be looking to snack before lunch.  I usually eat as soon as I get to work.  Since I get there at 0730, I'm ready for lunch at 1130.  And then a snack around 1430 or else I'm starving when I get home around 4.  I've also learned if I go straight home after work, I'm immediately raiding cabinets and the fridge, then I want a nap.  But if I have errands to run after work, I'm perfectly fine until dinner - same goes with the desire to nap.  If I don't come straight home, I'm OK til bedtime.  
 A busybody co-worker just asked me this week why I don't eat breakfast at home.  I honestly didn't have any answer, so I just said "why not?"   I thought about it later, and decided it was habit more than anything.  When I had to take Miss Angela to the bus / school I didn't have time to eat at home.  She's out of school now so that's not a problem.  But it's not hurting anything, so I'll continue to do so.  Neener neener boo boo.  I find joy in being obstinate with this woman anyway. Usually she's pretty nice, but she always wants to know way too many details about mundane things and I just wonder why would you ask that?  No, I don't know who another coworker's daughter has watching her baby while she's at work.  My kid started physical therapy on her ankles - and why do you need to know where she's going?  Why do you need to know where her dance competitions are?   Why do you need to know where the wedding was I went to last weekend?  Did you really just ask me during a department luncheon at a fancy restaurant how many Points my salad was??  I could tell you 3 or 300 and you wouldn't know the difference anyway.  I occasionally want to punch her in the face.  So I'll happily lie or give really vague answers.  Sad part is - she remembers this stuff!  She recently brought up something (that I'd forgotten about) that happened at my bridal shower.  Randy & I have been married 9 years!!  Holy crap, woman!  I'd never want to play a trivia game against her. 

Wow, that was a tangent - sorry about that.  

So I'm ready to go back to the gym.  But I feel I want to get my eating back on track first.  That may be a vicious circle, tho.  

I just need to be independently wealthy and have a personal trainer & chef and then I'd be good! 

edit....I did some research and I saw on several message boards that steel cut oats in general cause pain & bloating in some people.  I had a package of the oatmeal from a box (flavored envelope thingys) and did fine, so I'll have to try just rolled oats and see how that goes. 


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  1. I can't wait to get my charm, but it will probably be next week.

    I find that for breakfast, I usually end up eating either a Kind bar or a Quest bar (heat 10 secs in Microwave first). My husband eats oatmeal (the old-fashioned plain) and mixes in nonfat Greek yogurt (yuck) and fresh fruit.


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