Sunday, January 25, 2015

Yearly Nutcracker Inventory

I finally got around to putting away the nutcrackers.  They were the only bit of holiday stuff left in the house.  
Wow, I didn't take pics for crap this year!  But I took this one of the living room when we had just gotten back from Arkansas and I sat down for a breather from unpacking the car (I'd just started coming down with the Plague and was beat!)

So the grand total of nutcrackers that I have? 
 104 ! 
 I actually thought I had more than that, but I did get rid of a few as Christmas gifts.
Bye, Felicia!

This is one of my favorites.  He's big & unusual.
The horses aren't nutcrackers, but they look like they belong with them. 
I didn't count them. 
I've had the sailor the longest.  
Olaf the Viking is one of my faves, too. 
The middle Santa is technically an incense smoker. 
Mrs. Claus didn't hang out with the rest of the girls. 
She was looking for her lost tray of cookies. 
Since Randy was a butthead & didn't get me the hockey player nutcracker I asked for at Christmas, I found this guy on eBay and bought it myself.  He's not a Red Wings one, but I like him a lot.  And since it's still hockey season, he didn't get put away. 
I had to add Randy & Angel's name to Santa's list, since mine was already on it!
I found Razorback stickers to put on the football player. 
US / Canada / Mexico - the NAFTA of nutcrackers!
The cute little football player got Razborback stickers, too.  
I found him at Kroger in Hot Springs. 
Robert on the far right is another of my favorite, I don't know why, tho.
Austin Powers in his red velvet suit is on the left & Vladimir the Fabulous is in the center. 
The ladies.  
Angel is OK with the ballerinas this year since she's finally taking pointe herself. 
I love my solider bears! especially the one in the middle. 
The tall one has already had his arm put back on and the black-face one will have to wait another year for a certain blonde girl to finish painting him. 
The big guys.  Sir Owein, Sir Richard & Sir Jasper. 
I didn't count these guys in the total, since they're actually porcelain ornaments.  I got them at Hobby Lobby with the intention of painting them.  But I like them how they are.

I used to think I needed intervention, but I am becoming more discerning with my buying.  If I see any in the store, they have to be unusual or funky.  I sort of regret not grabbing the Abraham Lincoln one I saw at Garden Ridge.  Oh well, Maybe next year!  And since next year is one we get to stay home, as soon as I unpack these guys next December, paint touch-ups will happen.  


  1. Well, I personally don't want that much of anything....but if you enjoy it, more power to you. They are interesting.

    1. I never had the thought of collecting so many, it just happened. And since they're not out year round, I do enjoy them a lot when they are.


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