Saturday, January 24, 2015


I have a Twitter account now - does that make me one of the cool kids?  No idea what I'm doing with it and I had a follower before I even set my bio up!  Weird.  I put a link to me on the sidebar, along with my Instagram & Pinterest links.  I can't even begin to guess how often I'll use it, but it's there if I want it!

So anyhooooo, I found out more about the new dance team.  It's called the Movement Project and yes, they ARE going to Nationals next month!  I'm not sure how they are able to take their pom routine when they haven't even finished it yet, let alone competed with it!  But they are.  So they'll be performing pom, hiphop & jazz and whatever girls are doing solos.  I still don't know if Angel is doing hers.  It's actually a studio dance, but Jonathan is her teacher so he was going to ask if she could take it. I haven't heard yet.  Valentine's Day in Cincinnati, tho????  Ugh.

This poor kid has danced since she was 4, and until this year has only had 1 dance-related injury (and 3 non dance-related).  I have had her in the doctor's office twice this season already!!   I took her back in yesterday to get her ankle checked out this time.  First time was in early October for her knees.  She'd been walking across the other girl's backs.  Bare feet + sweaty skin = a fall from 3 feet up.  It was ugly.   Back story for this one - occasionally at the studio, the comp team will gather in one room and they'll perform trios / duets / solos for each other, to show off what they've learned so far.  She was doing her solo about 2 weeks ago and did a center leap and rolled her ankle when she landed.  I saw her land funny, but she never really let on that it hurt until later.  The verdict is a sprained muscle on her outside lower calf, not really her ankle.  And since the doc who did the exam also asked a lot of questions, he figured out the she realistically couldn't rest it as much as he'd like, so he recommended massage & stretching & heat.  They must think I abuse her, since I've only taken her in immediately twice.  Every other time has been at least 2 weeks later, if at all.  Hey, if she says she's OK, I tend to believe her!

She's sitting in there watching TV with a heating pad on her leg right now.  I told her I refused to massage it until she shaved her legs, tho!  It's amazing how dancers take pride in their hairy legs.  You wouldn't think it.  But they sit around and compare leg hairs. And complain about the one dance where their costume calls for no tights.  So they'll all have to shave!  I've also heard a conversation about whose feet stink the worst, too.  No bodily functions are taboo.

OMG, sign ups for the April blogging A- Z Challenge are going to be happening soon!  Monday, I think.  It's pretty fun, you should do it!  Basically on April 1, you post about something that starts with A.  On April 2, you write about something starting with B, you get the point. 26 days (no Sundays) and 26 letters.  I jumped right in back in 2012 with all 3 of my blogs and it was a bit much since I didn't know what to expect.  2013 I signed up all 3 again.  But in 2014 I only did 2 since I also do another challenge in October, so I saved my Maple Grove Cemetery blog for that one.  I was only going to sign up this blog for 2015, but I had an idea for another set of topics, so I'll sign up ...Slow & Steady  also.  I'm not announcing my topics yet, since the A-Z site will have a link up for the "theme reveal" in March sometime. I'll do it then.   Mysterious!

Oooo, I can tweet my posts!  #atozchallenge !!!!

I don't normally care for beauty pageants, but Miss Canada has my vote for Miss Universe!  You can't get any more Canadian than this!!

We are puppy-sitting next week and I promised my sister I wouldn't let any of my nutcrackers attack her dog.  But they make such a good guard!  Here are the big ones keeping Jack from charging the door to bark at the pizza guy. 
I actually plan on putting them away today, as soon as I finish this post.  But I have a comfy warm cat on my lap, so I can't get up!!


  1. Hope your Angel is all well soon. I'm pretty hiped about the challenge again myself. Oh, and with Twitter you can get on board with the AtoZ chats.

    1. Thanks! Oh, I have another post in the works about that kid - she got hurt AGAIN!
      I've noticed that Arlee Bird is always on Twitter! My feed is full of him!


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