Saturday, January 31, 2015

OMG, I feel chatty!

I'm just posting like crazy lately!   And I did some tweaking on all of my blogs, adding the snazzy social media buttons & adjusting colors and fonts and stuff.

I really should be finishing packing up the stray Christmas things floating around the kitchen, putting out Valentine's decorations and cleaning up the living room so it'll be ready for watch the Big Game tomorrow.  But here I sit, with purring orange cat on my lap.  Chester will sit and stare at me or bat at my arm until I lift him up. He's got to be close to 15 years old (we adopted him in 2002 and the Humane Society told us he was 5, but we couldn't believe he was that old)  and is finally feeling his years, so I help him onto my lap and there's a small chair next to the bed for him to use to get up there.  You wouldn't know he was that geriatric if you saw him running around the house, skidding around corners like he was earlier today!
I had a lap.  He had to get on it. 

So Miss Angela did dance Friday afternoon.  I'm OK with that, since I know she won't do more than what she can handle.  She was allowed the skip the jumps and most of the turns and everyone else was OK with it, since they don't want her getting hurt anymore.  One girl dropped out of the team this week and it doesn't seem like anyone is overly sad about it.  Angel said she was a snob and no one liked her anyway.  I suspected, since the first day I watched, I noticed this girl was standing way out to the side, instead of close in formation with everyone else.  She was doing that because she would have been behind another girl and nobody could see her.  Whatever, sunshine.

She asked me a little bit ago if I thought she'd be able to actually dance tomorrow, that her ankle actually felt pretty good last night.  I told her to give it a try and see, but not to overdo it.  It hasn't even been a week since she sprained it and she really hasn't sat out of any classes completely except for the one right after it happened.   She's been chilling on the couch with her feet up since we got home this afternoon.

Angel & I got up and went out to my sister Laurie's this morning.  She had found a lump on her breast and went in Friday for a biopsy and she can't do any heavy lifting for a few days.  So we went out and I cleaned stalls while she and Angel filled up water buckets at the house and pulled them in a sled to the barn - her water pipes froze out there, so that really sucks.  We also went into town and she bought some horse food & bedding and I unloaded them into the barn.
Captain was the first horse Jack ever met.  He was about 12 weeks old and wandered into Captains stall, with his nose to the ground like a typical Beagle.  He came nose to hoof with Captain and it was SO funny to see him stop and just look at that hoof, then watch his eyes slowly travel up those long legs and finally to Captain's face, who was watching him.  His little tail tucked between his legs and he yelped, but now him & the horses all get along just fine.  He thinks nothing of going into Kisses stall under her feet and (gross) eating poo.  And she doesn't care that he's there!

Heehee, little pain in the butt Baxter puppy was a bad boy escaped the barn and took off running around the yard, thinking it was a game when Angel chased him. He was in the back corner of the pasture under the fence when I reached thru and was able to grab him by the harness.  I told him I was going to feed him to one of the horses and I thought his eyes were going to pop out of his head when Kisses stuck her her nose out to sniff him.  He really freaked out when she started to lip his paw!  I can imagine it was scary, when her head is bigger than his whole body!

So Angel drove us home (and she finally completed the required number of hours she needed to drive with an adult!!) and we just had enough time to drop Jack off at home and then head to the roller rink to watch her boy interest play hockey.  She was hoping to go over his house afterward, since they've been having issues and they were supposed to talk, but he gave her a quick hug and told her they'd facetime later.  She was sort of ticked.  Can't say as tho I blame her.  He's a whipper-snapper freshman anyway.

So we're supposed to get some snow starting tonight & all day tomorrow.  I'm pretty close to the upper part of that bright pink band (on the right) in the 7.5 inch range.  There are cities that have already declared a snow emergency! Sheesh!
So on that token, I am sort of torn, hoping they cancel Movement Project classes at the studio tomorrow, even tho I know they need all the practice they can get with Nationals less than 2 weeks away.  Their classes are from 12-3 so that would be right in the middle of the crap.  Oh well - guess we'll have to wait & see!  Randy & Ted will be driving home in that mess, too.  They're way up north, in the like the fingertip area of the mitten, so they'll be driving into it. Ugh.  Hope they don't have any troubles.  Since the news & NWS is making a big deal about this, I'm sure the plows & salt trucks are ready to go already.

Well, Miss Maddie just meowed at me, telling me it's bedtime, so I guess I need to sign off.  If any this crappy white stuff is coming your way, stay safe & warm!


  1. Hope your angel can dance. Pray your sister's biopsy comes back all good. And your blog looks real good. Pretty, clean and easy to navigate.

  2. Aww...I'm a sucker for cute kitty pics. Take care of your old guy, he looks super content sitting in your lap. Take care. I'm exhausting reading your post. :)

    1. He loves to be in MY lap - he doesn't bother anyone else. He's lucky I enjoy him being there!


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