Sunday, January 11, 2015

1st real post of 2015!

I confess to missing 2 meetings / weigh ins over the holidaze.  I went on the 17th and we left as soon as Miss Angela got home from school on the 23rd for Arkansas.  You can read all about that HERE.  We got home January 2.

Happily, I was only up .5 lb at this week's weigh in. I'm OK with that.  Since I'd been sick since New Years Day and hadn't been feeling like eating, what I lost from that probably cancelled the out the less-than-stellar choices I'd made in Arkansas. Plus TOM had just started, too.

I did try to be careful about what I shoveled in my face.  It's tough with 2 of the worst saboteurs in the world with me.  Check out this picture of health.....

As soon as we get there, we usually go to the grocery store.  Mom never keeps much food in the house, since it's just her and she's got some seriously weird eating habits anyway.  I grabbed some wheat bread & Randy had the nerve to ask me if I was trying to kill them!!  I looked him head to toe & told him he really didn't want to go there with me.  I also heard "but it's vacation - you don't need to watch what you eat on vacation!!".  Ummm - yes I do!  because I get on a scale every week and see exactly what you're trying NOT to see!  I'm pretty sure Mom thought I was a hostile bitch at times. I prayed for strength, since I  needed all the help I could get!!

The places we went out to eat, I was able to usually get grilled chicken and a salad, even Chick-Fil-A. No salads at Sonic, tho.  I was surprised to get grilled anything there!  When we went out for catfish, I got mine grilled with wild rice & black beans.  At the Outback I had the grilled tilapia & steamed veggies. I did have a couple coconut shrimp, but I tracked them!  I had oatmeal for breakfast most days. One night I had my cheat night.  It was the night of whatever bowl game that the Arkansas Razorbacks were playing in, so I had pizza & a breadstick and some BBQ wings.  It was thin crust, but tons o meat.  It was from a local place and called the "Razorbaccio".  Randy had been looking forward to that for weeks! Even when we stopped while travelling, I tried to make good choices.  

My downfall was the bowl of M&Ms and another bowl of peanuts that was always on the kitchen table.  They were just too easy to grab some without thinking.

And exercise??  OMG, this was awful.  If you look under my "Work in Progress" tab at the top, I have 2 (TWO!!!) single digit weeks earning Activity Points.  Granted there were almost 4 full days riding in the car, but there's no excuse why I couldn't have gone out walking around the apartment complex instead of growing mold sitting in the recliner.

So anyhoooo, putting this all behind me now.  I'm finally getting over whatever Plague I picked up on the way home.  Once I'm able to do some physical activity without trying to cough up a lung, I'm going to take Randy's offer up and renew my gym membership.  I miss going there!  I also saw the lady at the dance studio that did the Zumba class.  I'm all in once she starts back up, but apparently no one has been calling about it.  Seems silly for her to do the class for just me!

Happy 2015 !!!

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  1. Under the circumstances, it sounds like half a pound up was an absolute triumph!


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