Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Weigh in & stuff

I knew when I got out of the car this evening that weigh in wasn't going to be good.  I just didn't feel good about myself & sure enough - up 1.6 lbs.    I really need to start planning better, but when the kid is at dance such wonky times so many days per week (usually until 9), that makes it hard to figure out dinner.  We tend to stop and grab something quick WAY too often.  Oh and when I don't know when Randy might get home from work, since he works for a bunch of asshats.

Soooo, Randy is out of town until mid-day Sunday.  So it's up to me to plan the Superbowl noms.  There's lots of good stuff on the WW site and such, so I'll have to make some things and not tell the picky ones that they're anything different.  But I don't think I can lighten up lil' Smokeys and BBQ sauce much.

So. activity looks decent.  Saturday was weird.  I had so much to do and I can't even recall what I did.  It sure wasn't clean my house! Sunday I was finally putting away the troops of nutcrackers. Tracking down and wrapping over 100 nutcrackers makes for a noticeable activity.    

Friday night Randy & I went to the Texas Roadhouse for dinner.  My entree itself wouldn't have been bad alone - (6 oz sirloin & grilled shrimp with a house salad & veggies) but there's all the peanuts & the rather large adult beverage I had, and thankfully we only had 1 basket of yummy rolls with honey butter = 2 each. Those are where the points added up.  And of course their website only shows minimal nutritional info (calories).  The last time I looked, there was a disclaimer that they didn't show such info, because each chef prepared the meals differently, etc.  Pppft.

Since Monday, we've been puppy-sitting for my sister while she's sitting at some tropical resort having umbrella drinks & such.  He's a spoiled little turd and my Beagle tolerates him, but I can tell Jack is ready for him to go.  Tomorrow after work, my other sister is coming by to pick him up for a couple days - YAY!!   He's got a bell on his collar, so every time he's on the move, you hear 



The goofy little thing - his current favorite thing to do right now is stand in the doorway of the bedroom and growl at my cat who is laying on my lap.  Yesterday I couldn't figure out what he was growling at and I decided it had to be the solar powered dancing flower in the window.  Another time I was at the desk and he was growling at something behind me - that sort of freaked me out, until I realized there was a black latex cat from Halloween up on the shelf back there.  He's growled at the fish in the aquarium and also at the dishwasher.     

I took them for a walk today and almost went skating!  The roads here don't get plowed, so only patches are bare so it can be slippery without the sled team pulling you!

On the plus side, he's a snuggler.  Funny that I'd just taken Miss Angela to the doctor Friday afternoon because her ankle still hurt from dance and it had been like 2 weeks.  They said a pulled muscle.  Then Monday, I get a text from her while she's at the studio and cryptically said I'd need to take her back in.  They'd been in their hiphop class and at one point, she is on Kayla's back, and somehow leapfrogs over onto Lauren's back.  Then she slides from piggy-back position to the floor.  Except she landed on the side of her foot and everyone there heard a loud CRACK and then she fell.  So yup, she was back in the doctor's office Tuesday morning, for the other ankle!  And I got "the Look" from the nurse, when she noted we'd just been in.  At least it's just a sprain, but she's agreed to sit out of dance for a week or so before trying to ease back in.   It's going to kill her, since she's got a big competition on Valentine's weekend!!

Fuzzy, wiggly sympathy.

So anyway, that's all that's going on here.  Hopefully next week will be better on the scale, even with the Superbowl (that I care absolutely nothing about - just the commercials & halftime!)

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  1. I just love those Texas Roadhouse rolls and the butter. Ummm.... I don't eat tons of bread, but I just have to avoid that restaurant most of the time.... Good luck with the Superbowl eating!


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