Thursday, January 29, 2015

...make that ~another~ injury

So I mentioned in one of my last posts that I took Miss Angela to the doctor last Friday to get what was basically a pulled muscle looked at .  It had been hurting for 2 weeks or so.  So we got the spiel about rest, heat & massage.  Of course she had her solo class that night and another 4 hours Sunday night.  Monday, midway thru the evening, I get a text from her saying I'd probably need to be taking her back into the doctor's office!

They were in hiphop (the same class she fell & bruised up both knees very ugly) and since she's the smallest & lightest, she usually gets to be the one lifted or flipped, or whatever.  This time (I've only seen it once, so I'm trying to remember and her description was confusing) she'd gone over Kayla's head and onto Lauren's back and she just slid from the piggy-back position to the floor and landed wrong.  Everyone in the room heard her ankle crack and she fell.  When she tried to get up, she couldn't put any weight on it.  Luckily, her teacher works for a doctor's office and was able to check it out to ensure it wasn't broken.  And she sat out the rest of that class and the next with ice on it.
 How pitiful does she look?  

So I was able to get her into the doctor's office fairly early Tuesday morning.  I was so happy we didn't see the same guy as Friday, but as it was, the nurse taking her vitals commented on her just being in!  Weelp.  It just happened.  I just took most of the day off work, since we both had dentist appointments that afternoon.  He determined it was just a sprain and told us about a type of ankle brace available that laced up so you could adjust the amount of support.  Once we left his office, we went to the medical supply place to check these things out.  They were big & clunky and to make a long story short (where she highly entertained the lady behind the orthopedics counter and I got a discount after someone cut in front of me in line) we ended up getting her this arthritis sock thingy that goes from mid-foot to mid-calf and gives her plenty of support but allows her to move still.

We had lunch, then home for a while before the dentist.   They rested.
 Monday night I'd gone over to my nephew's house to pick up my sister's dog for my shift in puppy-sitting.  He'd had Baxter since Friday night.  This mutt came with more luggage than the 3 of us took to Arkansas for a week!  He had a box with 2 kinds of treats, 2 containers of food, an air horn ( WTF!!!), some baby shampoo, 2 bandanas, a sweater and his bowls.  Then he had a bed, his crate, a baby gate and a car seat!!

Luckily he's cute and a good snuggler, because he is high maintenance!   He will whine to you when he wants something, but you have to guess what it is.  Food? Play? Outside?  He won't tell you. I don't think he'd ever been told NO, so he didn't know what to do when he heard it.  Sure as hell didn't know the word STAY.  And since my yard isn't fenced, we had to go outside in shifts.  He would get distracted outside and totally forget to potty!  He found plenty of random things to growl at in my house.  The cats, of course.  The fish.  A solar-powered dancing flower in the window.  A black latex cat from Halloween that I'd forgotten was on a high shelf in the bedroom (until he stood next to the desk and was looking up there, growling.  I was sort of afraid to look at what was back there!!) and today I thought he was growling at a plant, til I realized Chester was on the other side of the coffee table.

Oh, and his bell.  I should have thought sooner to take his collar off since he was always on the move and hearing DINGLEdingleDINGLEdingleDINGLEdingle all the time made me crazy.  Tonight he moved on again to Laurie's house, where he will stay til Linda & Dave get home from their tropical vacation.  Now I know why my nephew was so ready to let him go!  He's used to having people around 24/7 but since we all work days, he spent time alone and was annoying until he got his people fix.
This walk was an adventure.  If the roads had been any icier, they could have pulled me around the block! 

So that's all that's going on here.  Randy left Wednesday to go way up north to do radio stuff for a road rally in the snow called the Sno-Drift.  He will be home Sunday hopefully before the big game.  One of the other guys has an aunt & uncle who live in the area so they stay at their house and get home-cooked meals and such.  What a hardship!

OMG, we got like an inch of snow tonight within about an hour and all evening classes at the studio were cancelled. It was a mess for a little while.  Angel had to be there at 3 for the Movement Project class and I was expecting her to be there a lot later, (even when they can't dance, they still sit in the class to observe) and Laurie didn't have her phone on her.  So Angel texted to say they were done with the dance team classes, but Laurie wasn't there to get Baxter yet, she had to wait like 45 minutes.  

She told me she actually participated in class, tho.  She didn't do any jumps of anything that would bother her ankle, but she was able to work on placement & spacing & stuff with the other girls.   And we just found out they have another 2 1/2 hour class tomorrow and probably 3 hours on Sunday.  It was to be expected - Nationals are in 2 weeks!   Mr. Jonathon told me they would be having more practices.  Yay us!

So now that's its peaceful & quiet in the house and the cats & Jack are much more relaxed &'s time to go to bed!  

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