Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Pre-Thanksgiving thoughts....

I've been doing really well with the WW 'travelling tracker' this week. Like really been paying much closer attention to portions & what I shovel into my face & if I'm really even hungry or not.  I just bought one of the WW Success Kits, so I may continue to use the notebook tracker, as well as my eTools.  I can always pretend that I need to turn it in.  We'll see how the scale agrees or disagrees.

I don't know if I'll be able to get on to blog much tomorrow after my meeting, which is why I'm on now.  I'll be going straight to the 4pm meeting after work, and then I'll have to pack up the family & stuff and head to my sister's house.  We'll be going out for dinner, then hanging out for the evening.  Then spend all day Thursday there.

Friday will suck.  I have to work - I was going to attempt to get out of it, but my coworker's sister passed away last weekend and her services are Friday afternoon.  Crap.  I hate covering for her, since 90% of my day is spent doing her work and I get way behind in my own.   She's been out since last Thursday, too.  I do need to leave a little early, tho.  Friday night, we have tickets to Crossroads Village / Huckleberry RR for the tree lighting & carols & fireworks & train ride & all that fun stuff.  It really is a lot of fun.  Sort of our way to usher in the Christmas season.  As of Friday, I will no longer be offended at my neighbors who have had their tree up in their front window for the past week (I keep hoping their cat knocks it over) and I may even listen to some music.

The only problem is that I'm gimpy.  Crossroads Village means a lot of walking!  I got out of bed around 4am yesterday and as I walked to the bathroom, something popped in the back of my knee.  I went back to bed, but when I got up with my alarm, it popped a couple more times.  It hurt like crazy all day yesterday with occasional shooting pains & it was nasty swollen and I could feel the fluid in there. It was worse with my knee brace on!  And of course I had to go grocery shopping and such.  Last night I took the dog outside and bent over to pick up a branch off the patio and twisted slightly - I thought I was going to cry and would have to call Randy to come help me back in the house. It was bad.

Today I felt like I was walking like Asimo....

It doesn't hurt as bad, but I still can't bend it enough to use the stairs gracefully or get in the car without grabbing my leg to pull it in or anything.  It's still swollen, too. Since I'm walking funny, the muscles in both legs hurt & ache.  Hopefully by Friday it'll be better. I'll just take a bunch of aspirin before we go. 

Now I'm really glad Zumba is done til the beginning of the year! There's no way I could do it. 

So Thanksgiving.  Maybe if it was just one meal it would be different.  But we start Wednesday & if I didn't have to work - it would go thru Saturday.  It still does, I just get a reprieve.  I'll just have to be careful with the mindless snacking that tends to happen.  My WW leader, Eileen says to imagine her sitting next to me.  I just don't know how that would work, she seems like she'd be fun to hang out with.  But I'm pretty sure she'd do some silent judging if I reached for the chips or whatever. I'll keep that in mind. 

Oh yeah, Saturday will probably mean more walking - my sister mentioned going to this antique store that has 2 stories and the upper floor is a lot of holiday (Halloweeny) stuff.  Squeee! 
So I need to do something to keep my mind off the munchies. Would it be weird to take a picture of Eileen, print it out & glue her face to one of those cheesy wooden masks on a stick from Joann Fabrics?   Too much?

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