Sunday, November 23, 2014

Craft Show Hauls

Mom & the sisters & I go to at least 2 craft shows every year. We went to the second one today - the other was 2 weeks ago.  We usually end up in pairs - Laurie says she drops back to stay with Mom, since she doesn't move as fast anymore, Mom says she stays back with Laurie since she has to stop and look at ALL the things.  Linda & I end up waiting at the end of the row / hall / wherever.   We have a good time. 

The first one is Christmas in Clawson at the high school - the same school me & all my siblings graduated from.  Mom always runs into some she knows.  She worked at both of the elementary schools for a lot of years before retiring.

I couldn't resist this guy!  The cutest spider ever!
I brought him home just in time to be put in the tote with the rest of the H'ween items. 
 I buy a wood ornament every year.  This year, the old man had this witchy one!
 I'll probably put this on the Mother-in-laws Christmas gift. 
 Jack needed some bandannas for non Fall / Winter holidays - it was tough finding a non-girly Valentine's one! And I'm pretty sure they cut up a real flag for the first one!
 Raggedy Ann & Andy really called to me. 
 These stained glass stockings will go nicely with my trees that I bought a couple years ago from the same guy. 
 I didn't know I needed one of these til I saw it.  A scissors holder.  Mine are just floating around inside my sewing bag, so this'll be handy. 
 And the 14th consecutive year's personalized ornament from the same ladies - I keep a spreadsheet on what shapes I have and who on it.  I have a special smaller tree just for these ornaments. 

Today we went to Eisenhower HS "Santa's Craft Castle"
Laurie usually runs into someone she knows and this year I did, too!  A girl I used to work with.  Glad I was people watching while waiting for Mom & Laurie.

I had to get this huge deer!  I got a red one last year, so the green sparkly deer was needed.  They're so FABULOUS!
They also had a purple one.
 Thanksgiving stuff kept catching my eye.
 This is about as deep as a shoe box.  I'm going to give it to Miss Angela for Christmas.
I was happy to find one in her school colors.
 I don't know why I bought special homemade peanut butter dog treats for the stupid dog who is happy eating cat or horse poop.
Stained glass Gingy.  
 The pic doesn't do these earrings justice.
They're Swarovski crystal so they really sparkle!
 I got a cobalt blue ornament like this one last year.
Someone put a LOT of work into these!

Tonight Miss Angela went to a movie with a friend, 
so I hit all 3 Salvation Armies in the area.  
Scored a nutcracker from each one and all were between 25 - 40% off! 

And since Thanksgiving stuff kept waving at me, I found a porcelain Pilgrim girl!
She was brand new, still had her feet wrapped in bubble wrap and the store tag zip-tied to her wrist.

She is currently in the living room, facing the wall.
Angel's friend told me the doll was staring at her & she saw the eyes move.
They do look like of red here, but I thought was from the flash.  They're brown.

So that's all that's going on around here.  Randy will finally be home tomorrow!  
(Today - since it's after midnight)

Any good plans for Thanksgiving?

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  1. I'm jealous. We've gone to a couple craft fairs this year and they sucked. Lots and lots of fug.


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