Wednesday, December 3, 2014


I came, 
I saw, 
I kicked Thanksgiving's butt!  


Down 1.4 lbs this week!  
And last week when I had the WW meeting's travelling tracker?  
Down 2.4 lbs!

So looking at my progress reports this week - I made sure I tracked everything in my handy-dandy notebook (just like the traveling tracker) as well as on eTools.

This included going out to dinner on Wednesday and having "autumn chicken".  It's basically a chicken breast stuffed with cornbread and smothered in a maple cream sauce and sprinkled with dried cranberries.  Omnomnomnom.  It comes with the soup & salad bar (they had AMAZING mushroom soup that night) and mashed sweet potatoes, corn and a giant chunk of steamed carrot and 2 trees of broccoli.  51 points for the day.

Thursday we started out with my sister's breakfast casserole with who-knows-what all in it.  Hashbrowns & eggs & cheese for sure.  I did scarf a few chips with salsa & some Doritos during the day.  Thanksgiving dinner was all in moderation.  Turkey & gravy.  Mashed potatoes.  3 rolls (OK, I went overboard there, but I like bread!!), green bean casserole, cranberry sauce, a decent sized salad w/ lite dressing.  I only took a tiny spoonful of the stuffing, since for some reason my sister added walnuts to it and it was the most unappetizing shade of grayish black I'd ever seen on something that wasn't burnt.  I know she put all sorts of good stuff in it, since I saw her making it, but that little bite was so bland!  It was scary.  Anyhoo, then I had a half slice each of the apple & pumpkin pie with light Cool Whip and a couple bite-sized cream puffs.  And 1 margarita. I didn't even go back for seconds!  Another 51 points for the day.

Friday I had to work, so Randy & I came home Thursday night.  I was able to have a decent breakfast & lunch.    Friday after work, we met the family in Flint at Crossroads Village, etc.  Usual stuff there.  A lot of walking, considering my knee is still bothering me. And it was cold as crap!!  Afterwards we stopped at this coney island place and I had a half order of fish & chips.  They didn't have much to choose from!  But I got chicken noodle soup & of course fries.  It was OK.   Only 40 points today.

Saturday we had pancakes & way too many snausages, then later on after doing some shopping, I had a beef pasty & a salad for dinner. 44 points for the day.

So we did a bit of walking and such over the weekend.  All last week at work was insane - lots of laps around the room, to the fax machine, to the copier, distributing papers to certain people, etc, etc, etc.   Thursday I was up early & went out to take care of the horses.  We went for a walk.  Helped Laurie in the barn some more, cleaning stalls & scrubbing buckets, etc. .
Friday night was tons of walking at Crossroads Village.  Saturday we took the dogs for a walk again & then did some shopping.
We got home Saturday evening.  Sunday I was out putting Christmas decorations out, since it was in the 50s - got to take advantage of warm weather when it's December! I was so not in the mood.  It took much longer than it really needed to.      

 I was done by 3 pm, then had to take a break.  My knee was swelling again & I was just ready for a break.

So I'm extreme proud of myself for having a loss this week.  My next big challenge is this Saturday - the company Christmas party at this fancy Italian restaurant.  Last year I decided I was only going to eat 'special' things.  Like stay away from the lasagna, since we have it pretty often at home, things like that.  And since they always bring out a ton of food to each table, it's OK to just try a little bit of each - I know I won't go home hungry!

Challenge after that is Christmas.  We're going to Arkansas this year and the mother-in-law isn't known for having a lot of healthy stuff in her house.  We always go grocery shopping as soon as we get there.  Hope we can this time, since we'll get there Christmas Eve!  

It's about time to turn in, so Later!!

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