Saturday, November 8, 2014

No rest for the wicked!!

I must be totally wicked!  This is gonna be a quick post so show that I'm still alive & kicking.  I feel guilty for STILL not having all my indoor Halloween stuff  packed up and put back out in the garage. On the plus side - I did less inside this year, so it really shouldn't take that long, I just have to do it! 

I just feel like lately I haven't been home at all and with it being dark by 5:30 pm it's hard to get any desperately needed yardwork done!  Hopefully I won't freeze if I go out tomorrow to mow / mulch the lawn.  Not a single leaf has been picked up at all this year.  Which was great for the cemetery - but not now! 

Halloween was pretty great.  Here's a full recap on my other blog so I'll keep it skip it here. 
Here are a couple of my favorite pictures, tho. 

I heard "amazing" quite a lot, so I think it went over well with the neighborhood kids & adults. I just wish more people would have their lights on during trick or treating so more people would come by.  As it is, we have no streetlights so it's pretty dark anyway.  Being on the elementary school bus route helps some. 

Nothing really else has been going on, just life in general.  

Senior pictures are finally done.  I haven't seen any sneak peeks of the last bunch yet.  Hopefully soon!

I made the mistake of volunteering to help out at the All Night Senior Party.  It's held on June 6, the night of graduation.  I'm totally out of my element, since I don't know any of the other parents. 

Everything else is the same with Randy & I.  Doing great. Same with the critters.  All are healthy.

A bunch of kids are a little bit disappointed this year, since the studio isn't going to the big Tremaine Dance Convention next weekend.  Instead, the owner is bringing in some teachers from other places to have our own one day  "Intensive".  It should actually be kinda fun and we don't need to spend the entire weekend in a hotel.  I don't mind volunteering there.  I told Terina I'd take pics to put on her new & improved website. 

I went with Mom & the sisters to the first of our annual craft shows.  Can't believe it's that time of year!   The next one is in 2 weeks, so I'll post about my finds after that. 

Alrighty, I really want to get some stuff put away.  The more I do tonight, the less I need to do tomorrow!  I don't have a tiara handy, so I'm going to wear the fabulous bejeweled top hat that Angel wore for jazz a couple years ago,  I wore it last year on the witch crawl, and left it attached to my witch outfit so it happens to be handy.  


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