Thursday, November 20, 2014

Back in the saddle again!

For Realz this time!

With yet another gain under my belt this week (and I'm starting to feel it in my jeans) - this week at my WW meeting, I volunteered to take home the "Travelling Tracker".  I think this is gonna be good for me.  It's simply one of the spiral notebook trackers and someone different has been taking it home each week, and filling it out.  So far, they've been averaging 3+ lbs loss each week with it.  It's kinda neat to go back and see what others have been eating - makes for some new ideas, too. Whoever had it last enjoyed (and tracked) a rum & diet Coke each night!  Heehee!
Yup.  I can totally understand the gain. 

Since the weather was extremely crappy last night, I went from the meeting, back to the studio to wait for Angel to get done with all her classes instead of going home.  I'm sorta bummed that Zumba is done til the beginning of the year, but I digress.  I took that time to figure out exactly what I was going to eat today and the Points values for them.  I even included snacks!  I have my pad of paper in front of me, with tomorrow's figured out so far, gonna work on the weekend next.  Randy has been out of town all week and comes home Sunday - that's when it'll get tough.  He is a total saboteur to me.  I'd really like to get his happy butt on plan with me.  I fear for his health sometimes.  

I know this is what I should have been doing forever, but somehow excuses kept popping up.  I knew what I needed to do, but just hadn't made myself sit down and PLAN!  So here I am.

Like I said, this is going to be good for me.  I'm really paying attention to how I feel in regards to hunger and not giving in to mindless nomming.   I actually an surprised at how OK I feel.  I feel like I want to snack right now but not because I'm really hungry.  7pm is a normal person's dinner time, but I told Angel when I picked her up tonight, we'd stop at Wendy's.  Sadly she doesn't get out of dance til 9:15.  But I already have one of their Apple Pecan Chicken salads written down in the tracker.   They are really good and only 9 Points!  So I shall have something to drink and maybe a 2 point bar instead.

I also went out this afternoon & got my first snow-shovelling activity points of the season!  Woohoo.  We only have a few inches, but the wind is blowing and it's too damn cold!!  This was the second time Miss Angela has driven in the snow this week.  I heard her & her duet partner talking at the studio last night that they want to wait til spring to take their driving tests for their licenses. Sorry, Sunshines.  You live in Michigan.  Driving in snow is inevitable!
Since I just bought my Vue in August, this is also my first time in a long time driving an SUV in snow.  Totally different  I thought because it's heavier than my Escort, it wouldn't slide as easily.  WRONG!  So I'm pretty glad the girl gets to drive the Escort.  It's a good old car, even with the small hole in the floorboard!

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