Monday, November 17, 2014

Happy Monday!

OMG, I'm actually posting!!  Let me look......oh, I last posted a real post on the 8th - that's not too bad!  

Last Saturday we had a "dance intensive" at the studio. Normally during November we spend an entire weekend in Dearborn at a hotel for a full convention, but Terina, the owner, decided to have 6 other instructors come in and teach for the day at 'home'.  I know there was some mild disappointment at first, but it ended up being a pretty fun day!  I volunteered to help out.  I was kept running all day between the 2 rooms, taking pictures. Kids 12 & under were in one room and 13 & over in the other.  At the end of the day, I uploaded 917 pictures off my camera!  I narrowed it down to 250ish to give to Terina to put on her digital photo frame and for the studio website.  These are some of my favorites - of course they're mostly of Miss Angela!  I tried to be unbiased and get pics of everyone, but it was my time & camera, so there's plenty of my kid that I'll put here!! 

Miss Angela during warm up. 
 little girls' ballet
 Flying Angela
 The girl in the front row on the right looks like art. 
Angel is the 3rd one over from her. 
 Maddie in action!
 Look!  A camera!
She still keeps her knees wrapped up after falling at the beginning of the season - It's been easily 2 months now and they're still not 100%.  The doctor said she did a doozy on them - most likely dislocating the kneecaps but they immediately popped back in.  They told her to listen to her body, if something hurts - don't do it!  So the wraps are mostly for protection. 
 Super girl!
 Trouble X 2
 Sassy Struts (and Angel changed her top)
 Kayla & Anna in flight
 Nugget Technique (can't call it the little girl's since Daniel was in it!)
I think this is only the 3rd year Daniel has danced - he's amazing!  
Glad his dad let him be in more classes this year. 
 Even the teachers joined in this tap class. 
  Heehee, look at the facials of the 2 girls behind Miss Angela! 
 Nugget hiphop
 Corey was the hiphop teacher - he's amazing!  
Besides being a great story-teller, he is a phenomenal dancer! 

So there were a bunch to still-sore kids at the studio tonight.  I caught the tail end of Angel's small group jazz and none of them were giving it their all.  Their teacher even told me Saturday that she knew she was going to be sore! 

So Randy is in Arkansas. He left last Thursday and won't be back til this Sunday.  He always goes to Fayetteville to visit his best friend for his birthday, which happens to coincide with a certain radio contest they like to do together.  Now that the contest is done, they'll just more or less hang out, messing around with radio stuff and other gadgetry.  He may even come home with a new car, I wouldn't be surprised.  He can get a somewhat older used car from Arkansas and it'll be in a lot better shape than anything that has gone thru multiple Michigan winters with all the road salt & stuff. 

So other than this week being fairly quiet with Randy gone, it's gonna be along the lines of normal.  Poor little Maddie kitty misses him!  He is her person, for sure!  I did some grocery shopping tonight and stopped for cat food. Cleaned the hall bathroom & washed towels.  Can you handle the excitement??   Angel got to drive in snow for the first time.  We had about an inch by the time I picked her up from the studio and it was blowing pretty good.  It was hard to see the lines on the road.  
But she did well!

But for now - it's bedtime.  Chester is enjoying me tossing the extra pillow to the other side of the bed, since he will lay on it like a human.  He's going to get spoiled - oh wait.  Too late for that! 

In closing - 3 years ago today my baby boy, Skeeter passed away.  I got him as a kitten and he slept with me for over 11 years.  Funny that I woke up one day last week thinking of him, and within the past couple days, over 45 people have suddenly decided to repin a pin on Pinterest that I put up months ago - a tattoo of an outline of a cat with heart-shaped paw prints.....and not one person changed my caption.  It said "for my Skeeter?"

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