Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!!!

The big day is finally here!!

Just a quick post - I'll be back again this weekend. Hope we don't freeze and/or blow away tonight!  Check out this notice from the National Weather Service...  I live about a mile north of M59.  Yay. 
OK - ignore this.  Somehow I got it to link to the website & it's current!

I'm very pleased with the cemetery this year.  The lights still aren't exactly what I want, but its getting there.  Maybe next year!  And yes, I've already had a few things flit thru my mind that I want to improve upon for 2015.  

 Oooo spooky ghost!

Have a safe & Happy Halloween (or Sanheim or whatever you do)!


  1. Love the decor!! Hope you had an enjoyable Halloween!

    1. Thanks! Other than the wind & rain & cold & snow, it was a pretty decent night. We didn't seem to have any fewer kids out trick or treating than usual.


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