Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Great Pumpkin visited me!

Over on my Maple Grove Cemetery blog, I was involved in a Great Pumpkin gift exchange.  It was masterminded by the wonderful Dex at AEIOU...and Sometimes Why  We signed up and got randomly assigned another person to send a gift to, on behalf of the Great Pumpkin.  This is the awesome gift I got today!


 Bugs & snakes & skeletons

 A magnetic list pad, a bracelet (hair tie, maybe?) witch Pez dispenser, roll of H'ween tattoos, various Peeps noms, absolutely adorable magnets, inflatable cat

 A Recipe / jack o' lantern pattern book with spooky sounds CD 
and a desktop gargoyle to ward off evil co-workers!

Chester & Maddie approve.

I love Halloween!

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