Saturday, October 27, 2012

My Dad

3 years ago today, Dad passed away after a lengthy illness.  He is still missed a bunch.

 Dad & me (12/73)

 Dad & me & Dino (12/76)

Mon & Angel & Dad (8/98)

Dad & me & Mom (7/8/06)

What's funny is...earlier this week I had to look up the anniversary date of his passing (I had a brain fart, couldn't remember if it was the 26th or 27th) and when I Googled his name for the obituary, I got all sorts of hits for.....

the USS James C. Owens DD776

How hilarious!  I never knew there was a US Navy ship with the exact same name as Dad - and I'm sure he didn't know, either!  
It was commissioned in 1944, and named after a fighter pilot who was shot down with his entire squadron in the Battle of Midway in 1942.  It was used in WWII and the Korean War and was also a recovery ship for several Gemini and Apollo space missions.  It was decommissioned in July 1973. 

I still miss him a lot, but I try to concentrate on all the good times we had while growing up.  Learning how to swim, hanging on his back.  The zillions of trips up north.  Going for walks around town.  Him (who was usually up at the crack of dawn) refusing to get out of bed on Christmas morning until he smelled coffee brewing.  Going to sleep every night, hearing his snores echoing thru the house.  His ego that he passed on to many of us. Oh the list goes on!

I'm very grateful that I was able to give him and Mom a trip of their lifetimes, a week-long cruise on an aircraft carrier.  I'm glad he got to give me away in marriage to a guy he liked.  

And I'm truly grateful he helped give me life!!
I love you, Dad!

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