Saturday, October 20, 2012

Oh my!

I am getting into a horrible habit of not posting here regularly!

Let's go to the Cliffnotes version of my life....

let me see - the weekend of Angel's party, she had 2 friends over Friday night and all she wanted to do is go to the mall.  I got her an ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins and actually took the time to look thru teen-y magazines to find full-length pictures of all the guys in One Direction.  I glued them to cardboard & taped on some skewers & decorated her cake with them.  Cheesy, but she loved it!

Sunday we went to the orchard (that had no apples, thanks to the late frost in the spring!), but we jumped on the pillow & went thru the corn maze and visited the petting zoo, etc.  It was pretty fun.

Me & Laurie

 Niece Lisa & Angel

I reached the end of the corn maze!

 Ah yes - Saturday while she was at her acro class at the studio - my Maple Grove Cemetery began to appear! Muahahahaha!! I waited til after her party!
 Jack knocked over Walter & Matilda. 

I have a small irritation.  I told Angel her friends had to be gone by 10:30 at the latest, due to her having to be at the studio at 11.  Why, at 10:45 is one kid still there & she hadn't even called her parents to get her????  WTF?!?! I ended up taking her home on the way to the studio.  Tuck & Roll, sunshine!

Anyway, I had told my sister I'd drive out to her house (45 minutes one way) on both that first Saturday & Sunday to feed & let out her horses while she was on vacation.  Which meant I was out the door by 6:30am ~groan~  at least I got some pretty pics!

Now, the cemetery is about 95% set up.  I haven't decided what to do with these guys yet.
Bobert & Billiam

I'm pretty happy with the inside stuff.  Not that it matters, except to me.  Neener, neener.

Little Miss Maddie seems to be enjoying the season with me.

Last weekend (our weekdays aren't particularly exciting, obviously!) we were supposed to be going to a cemetery walk in Romeo to "meet" some locals who had been in the Civil War, since it is the 150th anniversary.  Saturday was cold & windy & rainy and it took all I had to leave the house to take Angel to the studio.  I called the historical society and they fortunately called me back to let me know that if it continued to rain, they'd cancel the walk and we'd get a refund.  Cool.  Later I saw on FaceBook that they were postponing it til Sunday.  Crap.  We had signed up to do radio comms for a CROP walk for some church group.  So needless to say, the Romeo Historical Society got a little donation from us.  

Since we missed the Romeo Cemetery Walk, we stopped by this other old cemetery (click link for pictures!) and walked around for a bit.  It had a historical marker, so I tried to get pictures of all the people's stones that were mentioned.  I almost succeeded!  Angel sat in the car while Randy & I explored, so when we went  to leave, it wouldn't start.  Apparently she'd turned the key too far when she wanted to listen to the radio and had the heater & everything else going and drained the battery.  Neat!  It took AAA roadside assistance an hour to get out to us, to spend all of 3 minutes to jump my car.  Quality time!

So that's really all that's going on.  Work is the same.  I got spoiled with Randy being a nobody, since he'd be home usually around 6 / 6:30 every day.  Now he's a team leader again and it was 11 when he got home a couple nights ago. Part of that may have been a beeper call, tho.  I'll give him the benefit of doubt.  I hate when he gets stuck staying that late, but at least they did feed him this time.

Last night was the annual bowling fundraiser for the dance studio.  This is one of the more successful fundraisers and the $$ goes towards comp fees and stuff, so we do make an effort of getting people to go, and it's fun.  But it started at 10pm!  That's past my bedtime!  Plus Randy came home not feeling well and today has been in bed most of the day, whining & moaning like a typical guy does.  He thinks it's a reaction to his flu shot.  I hope so, because I sure don't want me or Angel to come down with this!

Happy Weekend!

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