Monday, October 1, 2012

Get Fit, Feel Epic, Week 5

Happy October! 

We have officially entered the dreaded "cider & donuts" season.  Yesterday was the annual family gathering at the apple orchard and I, being the addict that I am, quite happily OD'd on C&D.  Sigh.  However, we did go on the giant jumpy pillows, down the giant slide, thru the Black Hole maze, thru the corn maze and visisted the petting farm.  Sadly, there weren't many apples on the trees, so we didn't get to pick any.

Me, laughing too hard to get up.

family shot L-R 
sister in pink, Angel airborne, nephew, niece's boyfriend & niece.
I also survived Angel's birthday party Friday night. She only had 2 girls over and one of them is louder than she is - which is hard to do!  I finally yelled at them at 2:30am for the last time before they quieted down. And then Angel had to be at the studio at 11am for her acro class!  But they had fun and that's all that matters.  Check out her cake!  It's an ice cream cake with a green heart on top, then I glued pictures of One Direction (insert eye-roll here) to cardboard and taped each one to a skewer, then stuck the candles to the front.  Her own personal 1D cake!
Now it's time for business.....

First of all I need to check in how I'm doing with the challenge...

1. attend a WW meeting every week - Fail! I knew I wasn't going to make Saturday's meeting, so I should have gone another day.
2. do some sort of exercise 3 times a week for at least 30 minutes.  3/3! I took the dog for a walk around Holland Ponds, walked him around the neighborhood & I'm totally counting jumping on that pillow as exercise!  It may not have been 30 minutes, but my heart rate was way up & I was totally out of breath!  And my knees are really feeling it today!
3. re-listen to a hypnosis session 4 times a week.  0/4  I should just pick a new goal for the challenge.
4. look up and try at least 3 new recipes a week.  1/3.  I tried chicken & rice in the crockpot. It tasted OK, but the color was rather bland and unappetizing.  If I make this agin, it needs some veggies in the rice for color & excitement.
5. do at least 15 minutes daily straightening up the house. 7/7 Now I'm trying to keep it neat while decorating for Halloween!

Week 4's challenge was to do something new.  Hmmm, it's not health-related in anyway.  I am signed up to do a Secret Reaper gift exchange on a Halloween message board that I belong to. You send a gift to someone who knows they are getting a gift, but they don't know from who or what, and in return, you get a gift from someone else. It's fun, but anyway.....  The person I was assigned is really into horror movies / excessive blood & gore & zombies.  I'm definitely not.  So it was tough looking for & making some appropriate things to send to her. I had to look at things in a different light.  On the plus side, I think (and hope) she's really going to like what I send!

Week 5's challenge is going to be tough - it's sort of an exercise drinking game during your favorite TV show.  I don't watch TV hardly at all.  So I'll have to figure this out & I'll let you know how I did next week! 

See ya!

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