Monday, October 8, 2012

Get Fit, Feel Epic - Week 6

Happy Monday!! I had a busy weekend - I was up at 6 am both days to drive 45 minutes (each way) to take care of my sister's horses while she's on vacation. Then I had a bunch of errands to run on Saturday and Sunday, Miss Angela and I worked on setting up more the yard display.  It sure felt like we were busy all day, but it was only for a couple hours, and we're still not done!  Of course it was only 50* and off & on drizzle, too. 
 My philosophy!
Now it's time for business!
 Let's see how I did....

1. attend a WW meeting every week.   I'm going to give myself half credit for this.  I did stop in to weigh in, but didn't stay for the meeting.  I came in during the middle of the meeting anyway and I smelled like horse, so they probably wouldn't have wanted me to stay!  Good news, even tho I'd missed weighing in for the last 2 weeks and I was wearing jeans (which I NEVER do for weigh in!), I was only up .4 lbs.  However, the meeting location finally updated their computer system and it shows my progress since Day 1 (August 2008) instead of when I restarted in March 2011.  So it shows me as having lost 45 lbs.

2. do some sort of exercise 3 times a week for at least 30 minutes  4/3  I've taken the dog out twice for walks around different parks, plus 2 walks around the building at work (5 laps = a mile).  And it's a good workout cleaning the horses' stalls and wheeling the heavy wheelbarrow out to dump it.

3. re-listen to a hypnosis session 4 times a week    0/4  'nuff said.

4. look up and try at least 3 new recipes a week  2/3  I think. I'm drawing a blank at what we've had this past week.  I made a beef roast yesterday in the crockpot and that used some different seasonings.  I also waited to put the taters & carrots in until the end, so it was the best one I've ever made!  We plan to use the leftovers as BBQ beef sandwiches tonight.  We had tacos with ground turkey earlier this week, too.  That was different. 

 5. do at least 15 minutes daily straightening up the house (it makes me feel better - mental health counts!!)  5/7  I didn't do crap in the house this weekend!  Lots of stuff outside, tho. 

Last week's challenge was a fail.  I watched exactly 1 hour of TV this past week - it was the Jeff Dunham's Halloween special last night.  He's so funny!  So I sprawled on the couch with a glass of water and enjoyed the show with the family.  I did not get off my butt during the commercials.  However, I did get out and do some prop building with power tools & painting that makes me bend & stretch & lift in ways that I don't usually do.  So maybe that along with cleaning stalls could be my substitute exercise?

This week's I have no excuse not to complete!  Do as many pushups as I can and then do more each day.  It's been a long time since I've had to do any, so I sure won't be at US Navy standards like I used to be.  But I'll see what I can do!  

Have a great week!

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