Thursday, May 17, 2012

Tonight's Weigh In

I was down .6 lbs, which I will take quite happily since I had exactly 2 of my extra weekly Points left when I went to bed last night!  But I had 20 activity Points, so I'm pleased. 

This is so funny - I used the Map My Walk app while I mowed the lawn earlier this week -

No wonder we're so tired after mowing - its over 3 miles!!!  It's not entirely accurate - I swear I did not mow over our house, the garage or the shed (or the neighbor's roofs on either side) but it's pretty good. We don't have that much change in elevation in the yard, either.  But the street view (which I can't get on  my phone) was hilarious.

I got 3 decent walks in yesterday.  The girl came home with one of her friends and asked if they could walk up to Speedway at the corner for Slurpees.  But I'd given her all my cash earlier in the week, so I was invited to go with them, you know, to get $$ from the ATM.  So that was 9 long-ish blocks round trip and then I snuck out without the dog and (using the app again) and listening to my Navy cadences playlist, I went around the park.  I had estimated it to be 2 miles, according to the app it was 1.94 miles.  Close enough!  And I did it in 33.35 minutes.  So now I have a good baseline.  Once I got home, I put the leash on the dog and took him around a couple blocks.  He's got a bum hip and can't keep up with me on the park walks anymore.  So his are slower and much shorter, but he still loves to go. I used it as a cool down.

I didn't run, since I totally got over that while in the Navy (plus I didn't lose my bust after Angel was born and it hurts to bounce!!) but the cadences helped me to keep my speed while walking.  I'm sure one of these days I will actually be saying them out loud and look/sound like a huge dork.  I know I was mouthing the responses, I couldn't help it!  

In case you don't know what one is (one of my co-workers didn't!) - this is one of many cadences. 

So besides walking, I found this on Pinterest....

Seems like a good thing to do, since it doesn't require a whole lot of time and if I'm just doing these, I probably don't even need to change into work-out clothes!  

Alrighty - I must go begin the evening edition of the dance shuttle, so have a great night!

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