Saturday, May 5, 2012

I'm still here!

Hmm, looks like I am able to post text from Blogger on my iPhone, but it says I have insufficient storage quota (?!?!?) to post a pic, too.  Hmmm.  Interesting.

Anyway.... a whole lot of thank yous and **hugs** to all my new followers and all those who stopped in to visit and comment during the A-Z Challenge last month.  It was a lot of fun.  I didn't have any trouble at all coming up with topics to fit my totally random theme.  I just picked things that were interesting to me!  I will have my reflections post up the beginning of next week sometime.

So I haven't had a real post in well over a month!  I've been keeping busy - tomorrow is the last of 3 dance competitions that I've had to shuttle the girl to recently.  I do have to admit that there weren't a whole lot of groups in their division - they were the smallest group doing the fewest total routines.  Some of the other studios are there with over 140 kids and in over 100 routines!!!  We took 23 girls and were in 11 routines. So they held their own, I think! They placed in each dance entered.  Tomorrow is a really small show - I saw on their FB page there are only 118 routines scheduled - 12 of which are ours.

So after this is studio pictures on Wednesday and the recital is June 15.  Yay!  I spent my afternoon steaming the tutu for her ballet costume - my house is now infested with glitter!  Don't you love my footprint??

So competition team is looking highly unlikely next year.  After the debacle with last summer's jaunt with summer school and the aggravation that caused me (going in to work late, having to leave to get her & then staying really late some nights to make up time and leaving early other nights to get her to dance class - PITA!!) I told her many times if she had summer school again, she would not be taking classes at the studio.  Which means she wouldn't be able to try out for the team.  Last Saturday we got home and found a letter from the school.  She'd failed the first 3 semesters in science and has summer school!  She had just recently had an epiphany that she didn't want to be the only kid in high school without a phone, so she was going to work her butt off and get all of her grades to a C or better - which is all we ask!  But too little, too late.  Unless she gets lucky enough for her classes to be scheduled later in the evening - she screwed herself.  I haven't told them at the studio yet.

Work is doing well.  I've gone from feast to famine - I took 2 days off a while back and had one hell of a time getting caught up - so my boss gave some of my work to Geri, who was twiddling her thumbs.  Now I am!  I haven't heard Randy complain about the evil stepsisters at his work - that's the CIO and one of her cronies. There is a new manager there who is nice, and put him in for a nice bonus! 

So anyway - I'm going to sign off now.  Tomorrow is going to get here early & it's going to be a long day!

 Chester had my leg pinned down for like 45 minutes!

Jack chillin' on the pillow.

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